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    Taking a break to study for CAT??

    Hi guys/gals. Got laid off from my job and seriously thinking about getting a MBA for a premier institute. Is it advisable? My parents are cool with it, but the problem is that sometimes I put too much pressure on myself and choke, as a result. Is it possible to get a good percentile by...
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    Are you Looking to Study in Canada?

    Get all information about apply to , extend study permit and also get information about work while you study or after you graduate. To Study in Canada or to get admissions at any of the Canadian Colleges or Universities, should be the top priority for the students who want to go Canada to get a...
  3. R

    Best Study Material for IAS

    Hi.. I am looking forward to join the best UPSC Coaching in Chennai. Can you tell me that which is the best institute offers the best study material to the students.
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    APTOINN for Nata Coaching and Study Material

    The South India’s Best Nata Coaching Center for the Past 13 Years with Excellent Results. A right Place for you to get trained by architects and Professional Teachers for the best scores in all aptitude,maths &Sketching.
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    Case Study about enterprise development

    pls. send me Case Study about enterprise development
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    Case Study about enterprise development

    Appreciate your help if you could send me a case study about enterprise development. thanks
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    case study for bms sy s

    i need a 3 sets of case study for the subject basics of financial services with solution. please help me out with dis
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    Study on Insurance Companies as Financial Intermediaries - Risk and Return

    Hey Guy's, Here i am sharing Insurance Companies as Financial Intermediaries - Risk and Return, so please download and check it.
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    20 - 30 min case study

    Hello, I am looking for case studies which take only 20 - 30 min as a lot of AC are doing those kind of cases
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    good study resources

    anyone have any good resources?
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    Smartphone App may be useful to control high blood pressure: latest research study

    Scientists have created an interactive tool which is a web tool along with a Smartphone, can be utilized to self-manage high BP efficiently. Blood pressure tablets combined with changes in lifestyle endow with good results, but in spite of awareness of this, a small number of people are capable...
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    I bought an IELTS study pack online from Amazon.

    There are resources online available for this. I bought an IELTS study pack online from Amazon. From experience and interaction with people, Writing has to be the biggest concern, as this is where alot of people fail to achieve the mark they need. For you to do really well, you need to score 8...
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    how to get a visa for part-time study?

    Does anyone know if schools will help you get a visa for part time program? I'm planning to quit my job later on because I'm working in Asia right now. I'm not a US Citizen so does anyone know how to get a visa for part-time study?
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    How long did you study for this recent GMAT attempt?

    Hi, I'd like to know a bit more about your studies so far and your overall timeline: 1) How long did you study for this recent GMAT attempt? 2) Since your recent CAT scores were all in the 500s, and your score goal was/is 700+, then why didn't you push back your Test Date so that you could...
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    A study on the mindset of youth towards entrepreneurship

    Hi, I am a TYBMS Student and was looking for information on Black book project topic selection and guidelines.I needed some help regarding my topic that I have selected- "A study on the mindset of youth towards entrepreneurship". I wanted to know how do I determine my...
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    Customer Service gone wrong - Case Study

    Last week, an interesting incident happened when I visited my bank. The customer service associate could not fulfill my request at that point of time and promised to do so the next day. The very next second, he quickly added, “Sir, just in case I forget to address your request, please give me a...
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    Women's Health Is Affected While Working with Men, Study Shows

    <h2>Women's Health Is Affected While Working with Men, Study Shows</h2> Hola!! Ladies, this piece of news is especially for you, a new study has found that your health might get affected while working with men. Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington found that in industries which are...
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    CSCP Study Material - Looking for and unable to find

    Hi folks, Requesting for your help in finding CSCP study material (hard copy, online tests, ebooks etc.). I have been trying to find it on the forums and projects section here but since I am new here, I am sure I am not doing it right. I was able to track down the course content available at...
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    Study in Canada

    is GMAT exam compulsory to study in Canada ?
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    Urgent help with Case Study

    Kindly help with the case study. Thanks in advance.