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I've a small question as we all are aware of the pandemic according to you what are you're thoughts on it?
what do you is Corona virus a gift or contrary?
Rutuja Surve
that it does but it has also helped environment in healing itself
Lavi Chhabra
Every coin has two flips so the answer to your question is actually, both but to be precise it is more a bane than boon.
Why a BOON?
Air pollution is reportedly reduced in many big urban cities like Delhi.
•Nature is healing, because of it many wild animals as well local animals are peacefully living their lives.
•Moreover the lockdown gave people wholesome amount of time to introspect their lives, spend time with their families and respite for a bit.
•For many people it has been a blessing in a disguise like retailers, vegetable vendors, grocery shop owners, pharmacies etc.
Why a BANE?
•Covid pandemic has taken many innocent lives, over 1.5 million are deceased because of this deadly virus.
•The lockdown has severely affected lives of poor people , daily wage earners, small businesses.
•The economy is in shambles.
•Exams are kept on hold, students are anxious and stressed out.
•It has greatly impacted every one's life, life has kind of paused on a level.
•Shortly, the pandemic has affected every human being in some way or the other.
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Rashi Mishra
well, According to me Covid-19 is a gift for nature and a contrary for human being. As a nature lover i will say that because of covid-19 situation the world has just stopped for like approx 3 months and because of that many industries stopped working, plants, mills, many areas which causes Air, water and noise pollution and because of that we all heared that the ozone layer is recovering itself which is very good for earth as we all heared on social media that the mother earth is healing itself. and as for human being, there life style has completely changed as they can't go anywhere freely without thinking of the consequences. so the answer is both.
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