1. J

    Pay Income tax or be ready to face consequences

    Income Tax Non Filers Beware! Income tax department has started sending notices to non-filers for the assessment year 2013-14 & onward & are also using the said information to verify under-reporting of income 1. Annual Information Return(AIR) AIR-001: Cash deposits aggregating to Rs...
  2. M

    Did anyone face such issues with MBA ?

    I heard many instances from people who left MS in middle because of bad rapport with their professors and they getting screwed and leaving schools with out degrees. Did anyone face such issues with MBA ? are professors generally encouraging ?and intend you to fulfill the program ? what are your...
  3. B

    Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Amazing Lip Sync Face off

    <h2>Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Amazing Lip Sync Face off</h2> Tom Cruise is an exceptional sly actor and he can perform dangerous stunts but, it was incredulous to know that he knows lip sync impeccably. He is popular for his flamboyant and valiant stunts and a perfect man to fit in the...
  4. B

    IPL Spot Fixing: Slap on the face of law

    <h2>IPL Spot Fixing: Slap on the face of law</h2> Yes!! I am not the fanatics of IPL and I don’t have to do anything with it but, yes I am the citizen of India and I have some doubts which are infuriating for me. Today, Patiala House Court in New Delhi dropped all the charges against...
  5. B

    Taylor Swift Could Face Problem in China

    <h2>Taylor Swift Could Face Problem in China </h2> Taylor Swift is in news for myriads of reason, here twitter war with Nicki Minaj and with some photographers then ambiguous answer to Miley Cyrus on Twitter and now she might face problem in China. The singer, ranked as one of the most...
  6. B

    Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan ODIs: Roaring Pakistan and Struggling Sri Lanka face off

    <h2>Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan ODIs: Roaring Pakistan and Struggling Sri Lanka face off</h2> It has not been good start for Pakistan cricket team and lots of criticism for Misbah awaits him. Losing world cup to Australia and then white wash from Bangladesh is just like icing on cake for them...
  7. B

    The Star Player Lionel Messi to face tax fraud trial

    <h2>The Star Player Lionel Messi to face tax fraud trial</h2> Lionel Messi, the man with sly skills and exceptional football player, faces trial over an alleged € 4.1m (£3m = 30 Crore INR approximately) tax fraud. Earlier too, the giant footballer and his father Jorge were accused of not...
  8. D

    Sunrisers Hyderabad face to face with Chennai Super Kings

    <h1>Sunrisers Hyderabad face to face with Chennai Super Kings</h1> Chennai: Sunrisers Hyderabad would count on their renowned worldwide outside enlisted people to come great when they tackle the considerable Chennai Super Kings in their opening match of the IPL here on Saturday. The guests...
  9. M

    1. A Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms

    Hi, The biggest fear of failure is the fear of failure itself. You won't feel the joy of success if you don't know what the failure is. Avoiding a problem is not gonna solve the problem. And besides life is not a saga of only one problem. Life has a long term commitment with problems. Now and...
  10. M

    Why Student face difficult on choosing MBA in Finance or International Business

    There is many debts going on why a student face difficulty while choosing Finance or International business in MBA. Can anyone tell why and which specialization will be perfect choice.
  11. E

    US soybean exports face 'steep decline.

    The US public finances which are approaching a "cliff". US's soybean exports are too, something of a physical cliff, in terms of exports, farm officials highlighted, in a report which flags a silver lining to oilseeds groups from the summer's drought. The US Department of Agriculture -...
  12. gurpreetsingh

    Do all workers in all workplaces face the same risks?

    No workplace is immune or free from occupational diseases and accidents. But some are more at risk than others. Micro enterprises in the informal sector – where economic survival is the first priority – tend to lack resources and know-how on OSH(Occupational Safety and Health) management. If...
  13. S

    What is the biggest hurdle young entrepreneurs face in India today?

    What is the biggest hurdle young entrepreneurs face in India today? Fear of failure is the biggest hurdle. Caring too much about what people say is the other. What do you feel? :hail:
  14. S

    New Face of One-Year MBA

    Leaping high in short ways! Working professionals felt the need of advancing its educational attainment to survive the contest globally. Certainly it will boost self confidence and will open door of opportunities in the workplace. In so many ways to achieve apparently joining the business school...
  15. S

    Intrapreneurship, the new face of Entrepreneurship.

    When a company’s growth begins to dwindle, boardroom meetings grow strained and the finger pointing starts. Executives cry out, "We need a new strategy! We need to hire better people! Our culture is to blame!" The founder, if he or she is still around, sadly states, "We have more people...
  16. S

    How To face GD???

    - Have a basic knowledge about your area of interest. - Prepare well about the possible questionnaires. - Do a little bit research on the subject matter before going on to a discussion. - Be clear in your thoughts and communicate your point well. - Avoid being harsh or imposing your point on...
  17. D

    Should school students face a mandatory drug test?

    In an attempt to examine the effectiveness of drug testing, James and Moore studied 296 adolescents who had established drug or alcohol problems attending a treatment centre.7 Drug testing was an effective tool in helping to prescribe appropriate treatment strategies for these young people with...
  18. R

    disasters are occuring all over...are we prepared to face them?

    Is our nation still unprepared for disasters?
  19. S

    Face to face interview

    An Informational Interview is a meeting in which a job seeker asks for advice rather than employment. The job seeker uses the interview to gather information on the field, find employment leads and expand their professional network. This differs from a job interview because the job seeker asks...
  20. A

    Difference between Brand Ambassador & Brand Face

    A Brand Ambassador would be one who is not only a spokesperson for the brand or is just appearing as a testimonial for the brand's benefits. He/she is an integral part of the brand persona and helps to build an emotional, which goes beyond just appearing on TV commercials. He takes up the...