Role of Employee Welfare


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Hi evry1!!

I need help in goin ahead wid my project on "Role of Employee Welfare in Motivation at the Work Place"

Do reply A.S.A.P!

P.S. Any1 here who has already done a project on d same? If yes plzzz can u gimme guidance n info on d same??



Pratik Mehta
Please refer to books like Fish philosophy , dale carnegie books , Ob books by stephen robbins which is on sale on MP :)


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Hi Pratik..
Thanx fer replyin... :)
but me aint realy interested in buyin buks rite now

I need INFO n matter which wud help me in ma prjct..
i visited a few libraries fer d matter...but i need more info..
Like studies or articles on the topic??
N if any1 has done a prjct on d same lines as my topic...i wud appreciate if u can help me on d same....!




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well the role is very imp

cos wat an employee wants in the end is satisfaction at job more than just money

so u cud do 1 thing take an organisation like infosys or u can even take j p morgan at malad

d employees are happy over here due to dis reasons as dey get job satisfactiona so make a questionnaire and survey


Kartik Raichura
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ebook section has been shut since few months now.

Check related project reports in the relevant section or use MP search.