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    Indrani Mukherjee Is The New Youth Role Model

    The Message:- Teacher :- Who is your Role Model? Girl :- Indrani Mukherjee. Teacher :- (Shocked) – why? Girl :- Our Ex President Died – Media did not cover. They were busy covering YAKUB MEMON!! So Many women are at the TOP of Corporate house – They are not bothering to talk about...
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    3 Critical Role of the Manager in an Organization

    <h2>3 Critical Role of the Manager in an Organization</h2> Managers are an inevitable part of an organization. His sly perception skills are not the only thing that makes him different, his persona, attitude and a leadership quality is what makes him a great manager. Dedication, hard work and...
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    Role Of Fedai

    Hi everybody. I have to learn about Role Of Fedai. I have searched the web and found some information on this topic that I will be sharing here soon. In the meanwhile, can any of you tell me more about what I should read up on Role Of Fedai? Please share resources and links which point me in the...
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    What are the role of a manager?

    Hey Everyone, I want information on role of a manager. Can any Member Help me to find role of a manager.
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    What is Inventory Role in Supply Chain Management?

    Hey guys i am Searching for Inventory Role in Supply Chain Management. Can Anyone like to help?
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    Help !! Role of FEDAI in Foreign Exchange

    I want Information on FEDAI in Foreign Exchange. Can anyone help me?
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    What are the Role of Attitude?

    Searching for Role of Attitude.
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    What are the Role of Managerial Economics?

    Searching for Role of Managerial Economics.
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    What are the Role of the Hypothesis?

    Looking for Role of the Hypothesis..
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    What are the Role of Business in Environmental Pollution?

    Searching for information on Business in Environmental Pollution.
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    Finding Role of HR

    Searching for an Role of HR
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    Role and Importance of Human Resource Management

    want Detail Information on role and importance of Human Resource Management with function, executive role, audit role, facilitator role etc...
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    HR Leadership In Globalization Era: Role's

    Hunting for Role's of HR Leadership in Globalization Era
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    I Need Product Management and Marketing its Role and definition

    Hi., I am Searching Product Management and Marketing its Role and definition
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    The role of NGOs in economics and politics

    Hi guys, NGOs have become very powerful today. They have a major role to play in politics as they swerve peoples opinion. They enjoy a lot of support and goodwill of the people. They can also make or break a business. They protect the interests of the people and represent a collective voice...
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    Role of ethics in tobacco & liquor industry

    Ethics play very important role in the success of any industry. Industries are now trying to create some ethical laws for their further practices. For Companies doing business in ethical ways are far ahead than the companies who are using unethical means of doing business.Companies following...
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    money plays a vital role

    money plays a vital role in the market everything happens for this money weather it is white or black
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    Supply Chain's Role in Quality Care and Patient Satisfaction

    What is Supply Chain's Role in Quality Care and Patient Satisfaction?
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    Role of Taxation in Economy

    In the colloquial sense, an indirect tax (such as sales tax, a specific tax, value added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST)) is a tax collected by an intermediary (such as a retail store) from the person who bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax (such as the consumer). The...
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    Do ethics play an important role in business?

    Do ethics play an important role in business? Business ethics is the actions that a business adheres to in its daily transactions with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their...