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  • Hello Vijit,

    My name is Chetan Kuknor, I am doing my summer Interns on Project finance for Energy and Infrastructure.

    If you hacve a report on Project Fiance, I will be graceful if u could send it to me on [email protected].

    thank you soo much,

    Hey please can u post d '125 pages Project on Fiscal and Monetary Policy' file on the forum...It is missing in the thread in which u posted it.
    Hi Vijith, am Harshitha.. Felt like keepin in touch with u so that i could learn about lot many things that u share & we ask about.
    Hi iam new to this website please help me how to go and s=search a notes on the management paradise and how to download the same pls mail me the details on my email id [email protected]
    Hello Vijit,

    I am doing a project on CRM for my uni..Can you re-upload the content again ?


    Customer relationship management
    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer information.
    • 1 Aspects of CRM
    o 1.1 Operational CRM
    o 1.2 Collaborative CRM
    o 1.3 Analytical CRM
    o 1.4 Strategy
    o 1.5 Technology Considerations
    o 1.6 Successes
    • 2 Privacy and Data Security
    3 Customer relationship management software
    Dear Vijit,
    Hello myself Jeet i am from pune i want managerial economics notes please can u forward on my email id "[email protected]"
    its urgent please help me
    Jeet Rathod
    My Life.. My Rules..
    Dear ViJiT,
    This is Natchathiran doing 2nd MBA, in Bishop Heber College, Trichirappalli, Tamil nadu. I have dreams about advertising agency, And am in a idea to do my creative project in advertising agency. now am doing effectiveness of e-mail marketing project inside my campus itself. as an external am trying in various advertising agency.
    I need your project report that will help me in enhancing my career. so distance brother, please send your project to me.
    mail :"[email protected]"
    Thank you for energizing me with your project.
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