Launch of Electric Bike - Marketing Management Project


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hmm .. this concept has a bright future in the Indian market confronting towards the search to alternative source of energy then fuel .. :) thx alot.. tc


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Hi! I'm very intersted in the subject. I love enviromentaly friendly means of transport specially when they require no maintance and are low cost.

how can I get to see your project?

Ayush Singhania

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this is a project i had made..
we were supposed 2 launch an Eco frndly new inovative ne market...

n hence i decided 2 make a project on Bikes running on battery ( electric Bikes )

lots of efforts hv been put up in the project...
few data lik BEP, Advertisin part r nt in project...coz of sum problem..
it was a a product lauchd in major urban areas, cities lik Pune, mumbai, n all..

chck it out n do reply .how was it...

the content are as follows..

*Intro 2 The Auto 2 Wheeler Sector
*Product Company Profile
*Business Strategy
*Product Market
*Competitors Analysis n Strategies
*Market Analysis
*Enviornment Analysis

*MY Company Marketin Strategy-
**Target Market
**Maintenace and Safety Stragety

*Our Marektin MIx-
**Distribution channel

*SWOT Analysis
Op bro