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    5 Life Hacks to Improve the Content Marketing

    Simple recommendations on how to attract the attention of users and increase the effectiveness of new posts on social networks. No matter what cool content you create, it will not be of any use if no one sees it. It is not enough just to publish content on social networks, it is important to...
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    Digital marketing course Bangalore

    ExcelR offers the best digital marketing course training in Bangalore. This claim is not by the organization but it's by the students. Faculty are working Digital marketing professionals who have ample experience in handling projects. We offer live projects which have very good value in the...
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    Need assistance with marketing subject!

    I am studying marketing and advertising at the Boston state university and confused with one concept 'environmental factors on marketing' And also my assignment is pending! Have anyone know a professional assignment writers near me? I need one on an urgent basis so that I can clear my term.
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    Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

    Digital Marketing training for graduates and professionals by Zuan Education teaches you the different aspects of digital marketing. Our Digital Marketing Course also provides you real-time, industry-based classroom and training sessions. We persistently focus on offering right knowledge to all...
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    Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing for my food business.

    Please, Suggest me better option for my food business. And give some more idea about it.
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    Importance of digital marketing

    Digital Marketing could be very useful for every business. That is the exact purpose as to why Reliance released JIO, inclined to provide to get admission to the net to every Indian and produce them online and connect to the local business, online shopping and make their lifestyles simple.
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    Marketing Management - Kotler : Asian Perspective

    Hello, Does anyone have a pdf version of this book or any earlier editions? Marketing Management: an Asian Perspective by Kotler Thanks
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    What is the New trend in Marketing?

    Some here to solve my question?
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    ROI Unlimited With Internet Marketing

    There is an ongoing discussion about the effectiveness of internet marketing through article directories. While many marketers claim that submitting their content to directories is pointless in terms of traffic and exposure gained, others mean that article directories enable powerful linking and...
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    Marketing Manager - Brand & Product Management - Dreamz IMC 5 - 8 yrs Exp

    Marketing Manager - Brand & Product Management - Dreamz IMC 5 - 8 yrs Exp Mumbai, We are looking for a candidate who has a passion brand building & product management. A creative, motivated and energetic individual who has demonstrated abilities to fulfill this role. 5 - 8 yrs exp Mumbai...
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    Marketing Manager - Harman International India Pvt.Ltd 10 - 20 yrs exp

    Marketing Manager - Harman International India Pvt.Ltd 10 - 20 yrs exp This position is within HARMANs Professional Division, headquartered in Bangalore, India with approximately 600 employees in the country. Team is looking for a manager who can add value to create and enhance brand awareness...
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    Online Marketing / Advertising project

    Hi, Someone please help me with online marketing project.
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    Marketing Research V/s Advertising Research

    Can anyone guide me about advertising research vs marketing research and difference between them?
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    Marketing & HR not so different?

    I'm wondering what hiring managers see as the different skills between HR and marketing. I feel like I have skills that are well suited to both but it seems like neither manager will hire you if your background is in the other... These are the distilled skills I see are needed: -Strong in data...
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    Marketing strategies of LIC

    I want the project report on Lic plz
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    MBA vs EMBA

    I am an IT professional and currently have 5.5 years of experience. I want to go for MBA but unsure if I should go for EMBA or a general 2 yrs MBA program. Would it be advisable to go for a general MBA after 6 (or more) years of experience?
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    Want to do MBA in some field of marketing

    Hi All. I'm an Engineer with 2 yrs work experienced. Want to do MBA in some field of marketing. Kindly suggest some niche universities/schools for the same.
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    How this car company Delighted a customer with its services marketing

    Here's a great example of How this car company Delighted a customer with its services marketing Does your startup create a 'wow' experience? Do you know any more such examples of customer delight? Look forward to hear your experiences.
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    Mistakes You Have to Avoid When Hunting For A Job in Digital Marketing Field

    If you are trying to get a job in the digital marketing field, first you should stop doing the mistakes that you may be already doing now. The market has changed. The old methods of trying to get a job no longer works anymore. So you need to learn and do different things. Most of the people do...
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    Promotions: Saviour of the Brand

    <h2>Promotions: Saviour of the Brand</h2> Communicating the value and key information related to your product or service is a key aspect of promotions. It helps in building the awareness of the brand and increases its recognition. Promotions are all about gnawing loudly at every corner of the...