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Plz attach the file as i need a proj on Conflict mgmt in call centre may be ur proj mgt help me.
i m attaching here by conflict mgmt project:SugarwareZ-229: :SugarwareZ-229:

Good work mrunal! I read your document and it was very nice and impressive. I am also uploading a presentation on conflict management for more information in detail. Conflict management is the process of controlling and managing all the conflicts and disputes take place among the staff members.


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Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict.

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5 Keys to Conflict Resolution
1 Stay Neutral. The old adage about there being two sides to every story almost always applies in conflict situations. ...
2. Acknowledge the Problem. This can be especially difficult when the conflict may seem to be a minor issue. ...
3. Focus On the Problem, Not the People. ...
4. Seek Common Ground. ...
5. Be Patient, But Decisive.