Advantage and Disadvantage of Airline Transport


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1. Fastest means of Transport:

Air transport operates at a very high speed. The high speed makes the air transport the fastest of all the other forms of transport. People can reach the destination in very less time.

2. Suitability:

Air transport is suitable to carry passengers who want lot of comfort and convenience. The passengers can save lot of time. Light and valuable goods like diamonds, gems, etc. can be transported. Also, vegetables, fruits can be transported from one country to another.

3. Vital during emergencies:

Air transport is very vital during emergencies. When there are floods, earthquakes, etc. foods, medicine and other requirements can be supplied to victims with the help of helicopters. Also, the people can be air lifted, if the situation so demands.

4. Efficient service:

Air transport, especially, the international airlines provide highly efficient services to its customers. They are highly regular and reliable.


1. Huge investment:

Air transport requires huge investment. A motor vehicle can cost a lakhs of rupees which the person can afford to buy, but an aero plane costs crores of rupees.

2. Limited carrying capacity:

The air transport has a limited carrying capacity as compared to Water and Railway Transport. This is because; the space available in the aero plane is limited.

3. Heavy maintenance cost:

Air transport requires heavy maintenance cost. There is a constant need to monitor the maintenance of the vehicle. This is because the aero planes carry important or rich passengers and also valuable cargo. So to reduce the risk of accident to the greatest possible extent, strict maintenance is required.

4. High overhead cost:

The air transport requires high overhead cost. This is because the aero planes and other vehicles use pure fuel and the salaries paid to pilots, crew and other staff are very high.

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