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    Hello arthournism > Please type your introductory

    Hello everyone, I am not good at this :hi5: I am Arthur, an aspiring businessman. My hobbies are golf and scuba diving.
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    Hello nikkola > Please type your introductory

    Hello, My name is James Nikola .I hope that I got much data and knowledge of many things and also the information and other kind of the threads mentioned at the forum.
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    Hello raji96 > Please type your introductory

    Hii... I am Raji. I am new to this forum. I am happy to be a part of this forum.
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    Hello Gsain123 > Please type your introductory

    Hello Everyone I am Garima from India I have done MBA from Delhi University in Finance. Recently working as Finance manager. My hobby is playing basketboll.
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    What type of questions are asked in bank exam?

    What type of questions are asked in bank exam?
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    Hello to everyone

    Hello all, I am Julyjohn. I am at Chennai. Hope you all fine.
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    Hello Tasper > Please type your introductory

    Dear Tasper Please give an elaborate introduction about yourself. My nam is Tasveer Parthab, I'm 22 years old currently a student. I enjoy playing the piano as well as producing music. YOUR FULL NAME ? Tasveer Parthab Your Educational background ? Bcom finance/economics/ supply chain City...
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    Hello AVendetta > Please type your introductory

    Hello Everyone good to see you all in this website!!!
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    Hello dlesman > Please type your introductory

    Dako Lesman Systems Engineering Arizona
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    Hello basketstan > Please type your introductory

    Hey everyone, My name is Stan and I am currently going for my masters in management. I am actually mainly typing this so I can download attachments :)
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    What type of company would you make

    Could you create a huge tech company such as Apple, Facebook, that sort of thing. How long do you think it would take you and what is some of the stuff you would need. What type of company would you make. And would you start off with an office or just start from home?
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    A. Which type of MBA would be best for me though?

    I am 30 with 7 years of work experience but only 2 in management. I would really like to continue to work while I pursue my MBA. Which type of MBA would be best for me though? I like the EMBA option but think I might be too young with too Little experience.
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    Hello TomMoore > Please type your introductory

    Hello Everyone! I am new in this community. I would really like to share my views here about tours and travelling .
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    Hello vaidhegipatel > Please type your introductory

    Dear vaidhegipatel Allow me to introduced myself: I am a music lover. I never miss a new release of any Bollywood movie and a die heart fan of Chinese dishes. I like to brainstorm on weekends with my friends on digital marketing. I work as social media manager at India Based IT company, and...
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    What type of movies do you like?

    I myself like action movies and started to watch comedy type movies now.But most often i like action movies.What type of movies you like?
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    Leave Management for all type of organizations

    To improve the workforce efficiency, automate your leave management. It helps the HR Manager to efficiently manage leave approvals. Automated Leave Management is highly configurable and helps to address the leave management requirements of your organization, be it small or big. Also able to view...
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    Hello KolTas > Please type your introductory

    Hello everyone, as you can see my nickname is: KolTas and i am brand new member here in this forum, so i will shortly introduce my self to you! My full name is: Mario Roubles I studied in Lithuania - Animation making. I am from Telšiai - Lithuania. I love basketball, tricking, making...
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    Hello Abner007 > Please type your introductory

    Hi Guys, I am a new member of the forum and excited to be a part of this forum as found great threads with helpful posts and useful stuff before registering here. I will try to be active to learn more from here for my new ride, Hope to be greeted!
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    Explain different type managerial skills?

    Hey Member's, I am Searching for Different type Managerial Skills with explanation. I need help can anyone like to help?
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    What is Waves of Globalization and What are type's of Wave?

    Hello Friends i am looking for Concept and type's of Waves. Can anyone like to share information on Waves of Globalization.