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    Question Papers - April 05,06,07,08.09 on Advertising and Marketing Research

    Question Papers - April 05,06,07,08.09 on Advertising and Marketing Research :SugarwareZ-140:
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    Question Papers - April 04,05,06,07,08.09 Principles of Direct Marketing

    Following are the question papers on Principles and Practice of Direct Marketing
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    The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program

    The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program Advertising & Marketing IMC considers all sources of brand or company contact that a customer/prospect has with a product/service. It is a way to coordinate and manage the marketing communications program to ensure that they give customers a...
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    IMC Model

    Review of Marketing Plan- Objectives, role of advertising & promotions, Competitive analysis, assess environmental influences. Analysis of Promotional Program Situation- Internal Analysis Promotional dept. orgzn. Firm’s ability to implement promotional...
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    Types of Direct Marketing

    Types of Direct Marketing Direct marketing can be applied to all three key business sectors: • Business to consumers • Business to intermediaries • Business to business Approaches to Direct Marketing Stand-Alone Direct Marketing This could be regarded as the “ultimate" Direct...
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    Elements of Direct Marketing Program

    Elements of Direct Marketing Program Establish your market objective: Estimate the size of the market. There are two ways of doing it- (i) increased conception of existing users (ii) increased conception of the market. Evaluate the market place: (i) Business...
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    Principles of Direct Marketing

    Principles of Direct Marketing There are eight key principles of direct marketing & they are as follows: Planning your marketing activity: All direct marketing should form part of a controlled marketing strategy, which has been produced as a result of market and competitor analysis and in...
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    Objectives of Direct Marketing

    Sale of products/Services Lead Generation- People who respond to DM or are interested. Lead Qualification- A prospect Establishing & Maintaining Customer Relations. SUSPECTS PROSPECTS CUSTOMERS CLIENTS ADVOCATES Direct Marketing- Direct contact with...
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    Direct Marketing Disadvantages

    Direct Marketing Disadvantages Image Factors- Direct marketing suffers from poor image factors. Direct mail is often treated as junk mail. Direct-response ads on TV are often low-budget ads for low-priced products. This contributes to the image that something less than the best products are...
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    Direct Marketing Advantages

    Direct Marketing Advantages Selective Reach- DM reaches a large number of people, reduces waste coverage, and targets consumers with the highest potential. Segmentation Capabilities- Direct marketers maintain lists of recent product purchasers, car buyers, property buyers, bank-card holders...
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    Decision Variables in Direct Marketing

    Decision Variables in Direct Marketing For Direct Marketing, the following variables are associated with making program decisions: 1. Offer 2. Creative 3. Media 4. Timing/sequencing 5. Customer service Offer: The ‘Offer’ is the complete proposition made to a prospective customer by the...
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    Benefits of Direct marketing

    Benefits of Direct marketing Home shopping- hassle free & fun, convenient. Saves time. Introduces a customer to a large variety of products at a time. Comparative shopping is possible by browsing through mail order catalogues & online shopping. Can order goods for ourselves & others also...
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    Mass Marketing Vs One-to- One Marketing

    MASS MARKETING Average customer Customer anonymity Standard product Mass production Individualized distribution Mass advertising Mass promotion One way...
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    Competencies of Direct Marketing

    Competencies of Direct Marketing Direct marketers seeks to persuade people to buy products or services, like other forms of promotion. Virtually, all of direct marketing’s special competencies derive from the fact that the communications are directed at specific individuals and not at mass...
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    WHY DIRECT MARKETING? The environment has become more complex. Bargaining power of the consumer has increased. Market has become more competitive. Cost of marketing a product has increased. The retail shelf cost at outlets in major cities is costly. Advertising budgets are high. Less...
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    Basic Reasons for the Growth of Direct Marketing

    Changing Market Place: Growth of delivery systems and media fragmentation. Affordable computing power & growth of databases (databases used for future purpose of marketing). Changing Role of Direct Marketing & Business focus: Building & maintaining customer relationship Increasing...
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    Defining Direct Marketing & the Importance of Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing is a system of marketing by which organizations directly communicate with the target customer/s to generate a response or transaction. This response may take the form of an inquiry, a purchase or even a vote. “Direct Marketing is the total of activities by which the seller in...
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    NAOMI WOLF: BEAUTY MYTH Naomi Wolf (born November 12, 1962) is an American author and political consultant. With the publication of The Beauty Myth, she became a leading spokesperson of what was later described as the third-wave of the feminist movement. She remains an advocate of feminist...
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    Critique of Society Vance Packard

    Critique of Society: Vance Packard He wrote a number of books on social issues, like Advertising, Consumerism and Creating artificial need Some of his important books are “The Naked Society”, “The Waste Makers”, “People Shapers”, and, “Hidden Persuaders” In Hidden Persuaders, he tries to show...
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    Critique of the society

    Critique of the society: Jean Kilbourne She was a writer writing mainly about alcohol, tobacco and women As per her, the average citizen of a metro gets about 800 ads in one day, but remarkably, most of us believe that we are NOT influenced by the ads. Some of her important books are “Killing...