1. J

    What is Retrospective Tax - Meaning, Defination and Implications

    What is Retrospective Tax - Meaning, Defination and Implications in India? PM Modi today made a statement that he will implement retrospective tax. As soon as I heard about it, I started googling for it. After reading all over, I found out that : Retrospective tax is basically a controversial...
  2. R

    What is Policy Implications?

    Hi Guys i am searching for Information on Policy Implications. Can anyone like to help
  3. D

    The Spiritual Implications

    Well, I just thought a little about the spiritual implications of the whole Paris Hilton phenomenon, and I came up with this: Paris Hilton seems to believe -- more or less subconsciously -- that most people in the world hate her. Seth explicitly mentioned once that you shouldn't believe that...
  4. S

    Impact On Developing Economies & Policy Implications:

    Impact On Developing Economies & Policy Implications: Investments by multinational companies (MNC) allow developing economies to share in the considerable benefits of the global economy. Official incentives, trade barriers, and other regulatory policies, though, can result in inefficiency and...
  5. A

    Consumer Behavior, Influences and Its Implications

    A stereotype of the rural consumer or of rural consumer behavior is absent and this creates problems as well as opportunities for the marketer. Variations in behavior reflect geographical, demographical and behavioral influences on lifestyle, which provides marketers with options to segment the...
  6. V

    implications of current central budget plan

    hi...anybody plz help me on finding the implications of current year budget plan that was presented by finance minister on 26 feb this has affected our economy:?
  7. P

    Keynesian theory and current implications project

    I had worked on Keynesian theory and its current implications in a recessionary economy as a part of my economics curriculum at PGDM. See if it can provide any help to you.
  8. savio13

    Indian Culture and it's global implications

    Here's the notes: Hope it is helpful.. Kindly download the following attachment --
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    Implications of NANO on maruti udyog(M-800)

    MUL prides itself in providing lowest priced car (M-800) to it's customers.Tata motors is launching RS 1 lakh car on 23rd march 2008. Maruti strategies to take over Nano is: 1.Maruti has always maintained that it will not develop a RS1 lakh car. 2.The decision is to pit it's largest selling...
  10. sampada.bhat

    Article: The Legal and Economic Implications of Electronic Discovery

    By: James N. Dertouzos, Nicholas M. Pace, Robert H. Anderson Pretrial discovery - the exchange of relevant information between litigants - is central to the American civil legal process. As computer technologies continue to develop, concerns have arisen that, because of the sheer volume of...
  11. E

    Research report on Economies, Understanding WTO and its implications

    this is a research report on Understanding the WTO..... and its implications.... errol
  12. ross18

    Plz Help Topic Implications Of Service Tax

    Hey there..... Guys...I have selected the topic Implications of service tax....n i have just started with it....i have selected the topic coz i felt that the goverment is earning a lot of revenue of sevice tax...and it is said that it will surpass Income tax in mere future....and will be the...
  13. B

    Regulatory Implications of Monopolies in the Securities Industry

    This paper shows that there is now considerable evidence that critical elements of the Indian securities industry are becoming significantly less competitive than in the past Project Made By IIM-A Students