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Meditation is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. It is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind. It requires you to focus your mind at one point and make your mind still in order to perceive the 'self'. Through the practice of Meditation, you will achieve a greater sense of purpose and strength of will. It also helps you achieve a clearer mind, improve your concentration, and discover the wisdom and tranquility within you. Know the basics of Meditation and learn the different Meditation Exercises and Techniques in the following sections:

What is Meditation?
In this section, know what Meditation is, get familiar with its essential aspects, and learn what makes it different from other forms of relaxation or related practice.

Meditation - How it Works
Meditation is an important tool in achieving mental clarity and health. Learn how Meditation works and know the various health benefits brought about by Meditating.

Meditation Poses
There are many Meditation Poses that you can practice. Learn how to perform the Full Lotus Posture, Half Lotus Pose, Burmese Pose, and the Egyptian Pose.

Meditation - Main Principles
A set of guidelines was formulated to help people understand the different aspects of Meditation. In this section, take a look at the main Principles of Meditation.

Meditation - Benefits of Meditation
Meditation can contribute to the psychological and physiological well-being of an individual. It can also help you in having a positive outlook in life. Learn the various health benefits of Meditation.

Getting Started with Meditation
Meditation involves a lot of different techniques, poses, and exercises. For beginners, you should start with the basic ones such as the Yoni Mudra Technique and Category Concentration.

Meditation - Types
Meditating can be done in various ways depending on your goal/s. This section covers the basic Types of Meditation. Practice what suits your needs.

Meditation - Tratak, Yantra, and OM
Tratak or steady gazing is an excellent concentration exercise. Learn how to do the Tratak technique and know the different diagrams and symbols used in that practice.

Meditation Exercises
Meditation involves a lot of exercises, poses, and techniques. Learn the different Meditation Exercises and practice the one which suits you best.

Meditation - Types of Mantra
Mantra is a profound and practical method of self-awakening, opening and self-transcendence. Know more about Mantra and learn the different Mantra Types.

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There are six popular types of meditation practice:
  • mindfulness meditation.
  • spiritual meditation.
  • focused meditation.
  • movement meditation.
  • mantra meditation.
  • transcendental meditation.