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The swot analysis is done in several cases like company launching a new product in market or firm is finding negative about the organization in the market....etc
SWOT:strength, weakness, opportunity, threats
Product:icici lombard
Strength: 1)the company has good and advance staff and work environment.
2) icici lombard is considered as a reliable and easy to approachable environment.
3)the company value the customers and is having the best customer oriented approach and system.
4)they have the best follow up system for its prospects.

Weakness: the company is privately driven company and people rely on companies which are in association or wholly governed by any govt. organization like LIC of India.

Opportunities: 1)Indian market is still untapped so large audience is major opportunity for the company.
2)high market share in Indian market than the other market players.
3)company has a good reputation among the audience due to its high yearly returns and market share.

Threats: 1) high competitive market situation due to entering of local as well as major firms like tata and bharti insector.
2)high level of involvement of government in financial sector due to fraud cases reported in year 2009.(satyam scandal).
ICICI lombard Motor Insurance

ABC of ICICI LOBARD Motor Insurance Covers

1) Third Party Liability

2) Own Damage (OD) Insurance

3) Personal Accident (PA) Cover
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can anyone help me with a project of swot analysis of icici lombard...
Hey shivalika, as you mentioned that you need SWOT analysis of ICICI Lombard so i did a search and found some information for you. As we know that swot analysis determines the strong and weak points as well as threats and opportunities of a company. For more detailed information please download my presentation.