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An Introduction

Stock Market Astrology has been defined as a blend of Technical Analysis & Predictive Astrology with Fundamental Analysis lending support.

Ø Stock Market movements are governed by mainly five factors - fundamental, technical, macroeconomic, political & planetary!
Ø Indentifying the Primary Trend is difficult. Even Secondary Reactions are deceptive. There is only one Science which can forecast this and it is Stock Market Astrology!

Stars and Their Importance

Ø One should understand one's beneficial planets and invest in the industries ruled by those planets.
Ø If Jupiter is strong in your horoscope, you can invest in Pharma sectors.
Ø If Venus is strong, you can invest in Auto Industry sectors.
Ø If Mercury is strong, you can invest in Telecommunications sectors.
Ø Saturn rules Steel and if you find Saturn powerful in your horoscope, you can invest in steel sectors.
Ø Mars rules electricity and if Mars is powerful in your natal chart, you can invest in power sectors.
Ø If Rahu is strong in your natal chart go for IT sectors.
Ø Oil is ruled by Saturn and such sectors are good choices if your Saturn is powerful.
Ø PSU are ruled by the Sun and can bring home the bacon if Sun be indeed strong in your horoscope.


Ø Best days which are auspicious in stock market are in order, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Wednesday. If you plan long-term investments, you should select these days for picking up potential blue-chips.

Ø All the houses are involved while making prediction. (The 2nd is the house of accumulated Wealth. The 5th rules intelligent speculation. The 9th rules Fortune or Luck which can make you or break you. The 11th rules income and the fulfillment of all desires. . The 12th House indicates loss, a reality in the stock markets. 8th House refers to unexpected gains. The 10th House rules profession. The 4th house refers to mental balance, a quality which is needed in an investor. The Ascendant is the base for any activity. The 7th house rules spouse, who can console us in times of loss. )

All the houses are important in a Natal or Horary chart, when one thinks about long-term/short-term investments in the highly volatile share market. If you are having a favorable Dasa or period of directional influence, you can take the plunge.

Ø Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules Bull markets while Saturn, the planet of contraction, rules bear markets.

Ø Rahu, which rules gambling, is very important in the stock market equation. This planet rules all risk taking ventures.

Ø If Jupiter is indeed benevolent in a favorable house, one can go ahead and take calculated risks.

Ø High risk, high returns - this equation characterizes the stock markets. It is clear that without taking calculated risks, one cannot develop in business.

Ø One should consult not only a financial expert but also an astrologer as Luck can be a major factor in stock market speculation.

Ø We do not claim that all predictions of Stock Market Astrology will be cent percent accurate. If it was so then astrologers would own half the world. We can say that Probability for accuracy is 75% .Technical and Fundamental Analyses are good diagnostic tools in the stock market. But they cannot attain perfection without Predictive Astrology, which itself is another diagnostic tool.


Par 100 posts (V.I.P)
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