Operation Management - Project Management Full Report


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I am a newbie and have already downloaded so much I thought I better contribute...

Did this report for my Operations Management module in third year. Got loads of help from my flatmate which resulted in a glorious 1A.
Very detailed report about testing the viability of a oil drilling rig.

Executive Summary :

This report has been commissioned on behalf of Fitroy’s Goldfinger Gas Field Development. The directors of the organisation have commissioned a report to determine a project plan and whether the Goldfinger development is viable.
Fitzroy has an obligatory contract to supply British Gas. Due to the problems in the present gas rigs, Fitzroy want to develop a new gas field in order to fulfil their contract with British Gas.
The first step is an initial plan, which shows how long the project will take by the use of the critical path.
However, without any acceleration modus, this will be too long, so the project is not viable.
Furthermore in this report, the attention is drawn to the achievement of fulfilling the contract by accelerating the project.
The result is, disregarding costs, the project will not be ready in time.
The last part gives recommendations where the most important one in this case will be, that Fitzroy is taking gas from other companies for the time gap, till the project is ready. In addition this part contains description of additional study.



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