Mumbai under Water


Vijith Pujari
Heavy Rain in Mumbai
Heavy destruction in Mumbai due to Rain
Floods on Railway and Roadway in Mumbai
Etc etc etc….

Due of heavy rain and flood everywhere, you got stuck in Middle like….

5.University on Mumbai – Santacruz
7.Any other place.

Assumption / Fact:

•Railways and Roadways got disrupted due to Flood.
•Cell phones not working
•You donno any of your contact person – friends, Relatives in that area.

What you would have done?

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TELL UR STORY????????? HERE IS MINE..........

well my story i was coming from my college (modern college vashi) , well when we were sittin at the college we thought it was usual rain but as the speed increased we thought the rain is very rapid but we where not able to see the road or anythin because of our class on the top floor and no road r visible from there after lecture finished we went down and saw that the college is filled with 3 feet of water ..then when we went near the road we r seeing a maruti 800 floating in water in a 4 feet deep water ...all the girls stayed at college but all the boys and few girls where enjoyin it and we just had fun in the water and then we started moving to the bus stop to check if buses r running but people told that the buses r not workin even the trains r also not running...but then we most the people stayed at friends house in vashi u came from far place like chembur, and thane after that me and my 3 friends we swimmed , travelled from vashi to nerul and it took us 3 hours to reach home ..its was raining to much that can walk properly ..well from vashi to nerul by train it take 10mins and we took 3hrs but we enojed the water a lot but at last we where very hungry and some wada pav guy near palm beach road gave us some free snacks , because our books and money was all wet and not useful at all .......................but it was a lifetime experince.............


Kartik Raichura
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Hmm.. you hav given it a case study kinda feel.. nice work man... well here is my story...

After bunking d lect at 11.00 coz d weather was too romantic to sit in a boring lec.. we went to juhu [ we means we ;) ] .. it started raining heavily.. enjoyd d rains n then sat in BARISTA ... we were sittin ther involved in our talks n after we came out at 3.00 we realised that d traffics jammed.. We got hold of a rick as usual n headed for goregoan ( i usually prefer a rick over rails ) . We reached oshivara at 5.30 which is like a 15 mins journey normally ... the rick went bad n we had to walk our way till goregaon.. i dropped her at her place n headed to goregaon station .. i stay in borivali :shock: ... came to knw tht d rails r not running.. ricks werent ready to go till i was corned ... i met a muslim chick on d station standing all alone.. we had a lil talk n then as usual me being d soft heart kinds thought of helping her.. somehow i managed to contact my dad.. he came to d resue in ARMADA at 12.00 he reached goregaon due to traffic n floods.. then i got this chick with me... she stayed overnite at my place n left for her home in d evening at say 12.00 when d ricks started working ...

It was hell of an experience.. In such situations if you come to knw tht u hav no wher else to go.. then d best place wud b to go in some school or collg.. coz u never know wht might happen to u on ur way back..

Thats my bit of yapping :???:


Vijith Pujari
(((It was hell of an experience.. In such situations if you come to knw tht u hav no wher else to go.. then d best place wud b to go in some school or collg.. coz u never know wht might happen to u on ur way back..)))) yaa ur right .......

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

but wht abt the muslim chick :-o , did u got told of her no???????? :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


Kartik Raichura
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Lol .. yea.. but she had a bf .. n im happy wid mine ;) .. she calld me up after she reached her place at mira rd to inform me she reached safely ... :cool:


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Well... i know the thread it too old to answer but still even i hav a say :

Well it started off well, it was a very good day. i had went to IMax to watch the House of wax show of 12:30pm. it was just raining continuously when we had left for the movie ........................................ till we reached and watched.

but it all changed as we hopped into the car again and got off the Imax and to our surprise while driving the car it got partially Filled and as it went to 5pm evenin. it was almost like drowning . somehow we reached back to Vashi, but again there was one frnd with me who had to go back to Chembur. so again i and my tat frnd had to go to bus depot to find people ready to get over each other to reach their Homes. people crying and crawling, it defined wat terror really Meant.
Still hoping for the Best we Waited for The Best(BUS) .... I Found My Uncle who Stays at Chembur who was going back home along his Family and he dropped my frnd at his/her place.
And to tell u the real thing... that day was the best day of my life. if u can judge it y then u know it