Management lessons from our Proud Indian Players


MP Guru
Hi ...

I come up with the following Management Lessons, all of us must learn, from our proud Indian team members, Characteristics exhibited by them.

Greg (Coach) – Visionary Man – Work towards achieving the BEST in LONG RUN through implementation of progressive practices.

Rahul – Leader – Leading from the front / Role Model – shouldering the responsibility
Sachin – Being a senior most member of the team, one must share what he learned in his career – Mentoring Role
ShewagAggressive – Attack and Achieve the desired results
Dhoni & Yogi – Aggression coupled with Calmness yields you what you wish to achieve – Achieving Mission
Kaif – Demonstrate your skills all the time and stay ahead – Be a Specialist
RainaPut your energy in the field – You can attain anything in your career – Grab the opportunity to benefit you and the Organization
IrfanBe an All Rounder – March towards achieving multi skills and keep your position firm & an important member of the team
SreesanthBe intelligent while action – Bounce back and never allow your opponent to underestimate you
Agarkar – Always penetrate your skills by giving breakthroughs – Exhibit your specialty
PowarProve your capability when opportunity is given to you.
Zaheer –Take criticism positively, struggle and work hard, you can achieve anything in life

Ganguly (NOT in the Team because – Never rest on past laurels – Continue to produce what is expected from you – Update yourself (Perform or Perish)

Hope you all agree to the above. Soliciting your comments please. Have a nice day.


MP Guru
GOOD ONE .........MUST READ!!!!

A team of Managers was given an assignment to measure the height of a
flagpole. So the Managers go out to the flagpole with ladders and tape.

They're falling off the ladders, dropping the tape measures - the whole
thing is just a mess.

An Engineer comes along and sees what they're trying to do, walks over,
pulls the flagpole out of the ground, lays it flat, measures it from
end to end, gives the measurement to one of the managers and walks away.

After the Engineer has gone, one manager turns to another and laughs.

"Isn't that just like an engineer? We're looking for height and he gives the length!"


No matter what good you do, Managers can always find fault in you