Leather Products Marketing


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Leather Products Marketing

Leather Products Marketing - By Meheer Thakkare


1) Scanning the Environment.

2) The different products and variations we are going to offer.

3) Choosing an appropriate Brand name.

4) Deciding the Labeling strategy.

5) Deciding the Packaging of the products.

6) Deciding the Pricing strategy.

7) Deciding the Advertising and Promotion Strategy and justifying it.

8) Studying our product and comparing it with competitors. How can we differentiate our product?

9) Deciding the Distribution network and justifying the same.

10) Deciding and justifying the geographic location. Which geographic
location will we target more? Why?

11) What time of the year will we introduce the product in the market?
Justifying the same.



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thank you for such a detailed information and the knowledge over the leadher product market sir....