International Worker Day - Worldwide Coverage and News


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On the May day world celebrate International Worker Day - It was joyful day for all Workers. But still on workers day world look different and here are day news coverage on International Worker Day -

1) Turkey May Day protests hit by tear gas near Taksim Square
Riot police in Turkey have used tear gas and water cannon to prevent demonstrators defying a ban on protests on Istanbul's central Taksim Square. - read more

2) 100000 march as Moscow revives May Day tradition

MOSCOW (AP) — About 100,000 people have marched through Red Square to celebrate May Day, the first time the annual parade has been held on the vast cobblestoned square outside the Kremlin since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. read more

3) May Day: Activists in London honour Bob Crow and Tony Benn as International Workers' Day protests turn violent in Turkey and Cambodia read more

4) What you need to know for Seattle's May Day

Thousands of people are expected to pack streets in downtown Seattle Thursday afternoon for rallies and marches. Read more

5) Photos: May Day and International Labour Day
Members of workers' unions attend a May Day protest in Belgrade, Serbia, Thursday, May 1, 2014. Various labour groups staged a protest in Belgrade in order to voice their concern over the expected austerity measures announced by Serbia's new government. read more

6) May Day 2014: What even is it and why is May 1 so special?
It’s May 1! Hooray! But what even is May Day, and why should we be excited? Well I’ll tell you why… read more

7) Thousands Expected to Attend Downtown LA May Day Marches
Thousands are expected in downtown Los Angeles for the annual May Day marches and rallies. Toni Guinyard interviewed Maria Elena Durazo of the LA County Federation of Labor on the NBC4 News at 5 a.m. on Thursday, May 1, 2014. read more

8) May Day: an ancient festival with a pagan twist

DESPITE Christian attempts to appropriate May Day celebrations, the pagan roots of the festival remain unusually close to the surface. Read more

9) Security guards thwart efforts of May Day revellers
Teenagers were stopped from taking part in a traditional May Day celebration of jumping off a bridge in Oxford. read more

10) Labor rallies around the globe as world celebrates May Day LIVE UPDATES
Thousands rally around the globe to celebrate May Day, the largest labor holiday in the world. Amid heavy police presence, many are gathering to protest against the harsh austerity measures that have seen many Europeans mired in poverty and need. read more

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