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I doing MBA 1st year in Annamalai University..i dont know how to prepare for exams. because i feel it is very difficult bcz i done my bachelor in comp science.

Please if you can give me some guide and also provide me some model MBA - 1st year questions papers.


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i m also wrkng on this, one of my cousin is doing MBA-Finance in Annamalai, i have preapared some rought notes for the same.

Hope it is useful, but these notes need some fine tuning, just googled and did some copy paste with the help of some PDF books

Suresh Kumar


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I m doing MBA(Finance) at Annamalai university. Seniors plz help me to complete assignments and also share your experience


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pls pls pls ...kindly help me in getting he notesto write my asignment.... for mba in hrm...wr ll i get thm...:SugarwareZ-043:


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Dear friends
I am not able to find the solved MBA HR annamalai university assignments.

Can u please send it to varunarya85 at gmail com

I will be really thankful to u

Varun Arya


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I am also doing MBA in Financial Management and need to complete my assignments, thank you for the help



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I am currently pursuing annamalai General MBA(1st year)
I came from a non commerce background.
I cant find answers on the net except for OB and Principles of Management.
The last date they told is 3dr october.
Can any one plsssssss help me.
MY mail ID is [email protected]


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Hello,Welcome to management Paradise

Your queries and doubts would be solved here. This is the site where you can get all the relevant notes and data related to your study. Here is the link which is related to your studies and definitely help you. Keep posting and ask whatever you need .
Just take a look
Hello, I just wanted to ask few but critical questions. MBA is highly credible but now it's image is just destroying or you must say that there are huge number of small institutes that have opened up without many placement facility without proper recognition and even the value is minuscule. MBA from top colleges are the only beneficial but according to my marks seems like it won't happen so, do you known any college which is suitable for an average student but it should have value.