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Some GD topics of ICFAI -05 Batch

1. The Volker Report n its fallout in India.
2. Iran Nuclear Controversy.
3. Afghanistan as a new member of SAARC.
4. Bomb blasts in London n New Delhi.
5. India-US Nuclear deal.
6. Recent floods in Mumbai.
7. Bihar elections in November 2005.
8. Small states: Are they desirable?
9. Recent SC judgement on reservation of higher education.
10. Private universities.
11. Future of BPO’s & KPO’s.
12. Maoists in Nepal/ India.
13. The future of low cost airlines.
14. IPO market.
15. Sensex trends.
16. India’s forex reserves.
17. the need for a second green revolution
18. tainted ministers at the centers n state
19. criminals in assembly/ parliament
20. the PURA scheme.
21. politics of BCCI
22. khushboo controversy
23. FDI in retail sector.
24. PSU disinvestment.
25. independent directors.
26. parliament v/s SC
27. Kashmir problem
28. right to information act.
29. marketing to the bottom of the pyramid.
30. deve gowda-narayan murthy controversy
31. exit route for US from iraq.
32. recent riots in France.
33. world crude oil prices.
34. global gold prices.
35. India n UN secretary council membership.
36. micro finance
37. work-life balance.
38. emotional intelligence.


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can u provide GD topics for FORE NIRMA KJ SOMAIYA BIM IFMR TAPMI?? thanks
I would suggest that u cover up all the different types of topics, so u get a more richer exp.


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Some more Gd topics

General Topics

The chinese miracle - Can India intimate it ?
Reservation for women in parliament
Success is all about human relation
Women CEOs are no better thna thier male counterparts
The earth has always faced global warming: whats happening now........,
Effective managers needs to be autocratic, Not liberal
Advertising expenditure is wasred expenditure

Abtract Topic

A square peg in a round hole
God of small things
Yeh dil maange more

Sampls of GD Topics discussed at the IIMs

Absenteeism and moonlighting in a factory
An ethically and socially responsible company
management education is for those who cannot shine in their own filed
india's growth rate is bridging the gap between rich and poor
life is a chair
genetic engineering is a threat to mankind
India shining
In india, students graduating from college should serve two years in the army
Should GD nad PI be removed as a selection criterion for management schools?
Population of india is not a problem but an opportunity
Use of animals in medical research is immoral and shuold be banned
Economic liberalisation has helped the rich become richer
Can IT sustian india's economic development
The prime minister of india should be indian citizen by birth
Business success and ethics
Do rural families need roti or mobile
WTO discriminates against developing nations
The ethical enigma of human clothing

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hi......m doing mba n preparing 4 my campus placements can u please provide me some hot n latest GD topics with full material..
Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics

  1. Private or Government School - Which is better?
  2. Online Learning - Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges?
  4. MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources?
  5. Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice?
  6. Yoga – Torch bearer of a religion or a provider of health benefits?
  7. Who should choose the career of a child – parents or children?
  8. Should same sex marriages be legalized in India?
  9. Pros and Cons of getting married at an early age
here are few important tips on GD and few important GD topics...

I just saw your presentation and it contains topics which are very old and outdated. Do not mind but i am adding some more latest topic which may be discussed :

Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important?
Disinvestment of PSUs is like selling the family silver!
Should government reduce/remove security to celebrities?
Marketing or Quality – What’s more important to sell a product?
Tablets should replace textbooks in Indian education system!
National wealth decides individual happiness!
Private or Government School - Which is better?
Should India have a one-child policy?
Should Hindi be the official language of India?
Should the Nirbhaya Juvenile be released?