GD--4 -->> Should Sex Education be provided to Students in Schools??


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Hi all..

This was the GD....

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Gd taker: welcome to all..
Gd taker: I would like you all to introduce yourself to each other.. as Name, Education, College, Exp.. if any

Moni: im moni..FYBMS in NM college
gopal agrawal: Hi this is Gopal here studying in F.Y.B.M.S patkar college
PRERNA JAIN: I m Prerna Jain, FYBMS frm Mithibai College
neha p: hi all i m neha from BHAVANS SYBMS
sawan nathwani: Hi, M in TY BBA, Gujarat
amit lahoti: Amit-- fybms, raheja
nirav shah: hi this is nirav shah from raheja college santacruze

Gd taker: i m giving u the topic in soemtime.. you all will get 25 mins for the gd
Gd taker: the topic for todays gd is -->> Should Sex Education be provided to Students in Schools??

gopal agrawal: tats a hot topic guys
gopal agrawal: lets bang on it
neha p: ok
nirav shah: ya
nirav shah: it should be provided
Moni: well to start wid...
neha p: ...
amit lahoti: obviously it should be
gopal agrawal: i think sex education is a must in all the schools
Moni: to start wid it..y is it needed
amit lahoti: ya actually there s nothing lik a debate here
Moni: yaa
Moni: no debates
gopal agrawal: its needed to get the guys and gurls a right knowledge odf sex
amit lahoti: cos everyone s ans d be yes
nirav shah: true
Moni: all agree to the same thing
nirav shah: b'coz
amit lahoti: thats wat i m saying
Moni: yaa
nirav shah: nowdays people get sex knowledge from their friends which is not reliable
neha p: well it must b allowed but it shud b seen tht they giv this education at a late stage of school rather than in 6th or 7th
PRERNA JAIN: today , it has become extremely important to give this education because one may never know when one will become the victim of sexual harassment
gopal agrawal: tats absolutely right prerna
Moni: yaa...n sexual harassement is not onli wid gals...its also wid guys now
Moni: like in movie page 3
gopal agrawal: i had come accrossed a case of a 11 yrs old boy having aids
neha p: education about dealing with it also shud b givne
neha p: given
Moni: yeah
nirav shah: it should be given in 5th or sixth stand.
amit lahoti: its better to provide it cos otherwise people get to know it from friends or visiting websites
gopal agrawal: and after enquiring he stated tat he had a sexual relationship with a pros
Moni: quite right
neha p: nowadays ther r schools in delhi who teach n train gals of facing sexual harassment
amit lahoti: no i think it should be given in 8th std.
Moni: is dat tru??
neha p: if it is given in 5th or 6th std,,,its too early
nirav shah: noo
neha p: coz children might not understand anything n might not b interested
Moni: i think 6th...coz young children r victims of sexual harassment
amit lahoti: ya it should be after 7th
nirav shah: its not too early in todays dynamic world
PRERNA JAIN: i think besides the school & other institutions, even parents should give knowledge to their children regardin this
nirav shah: specially like city mumbai
Moni: no...children will b interested coz rite from young age they r seeing all dis
neha p: yes
amit lahoti: yes prerana agree wid u
gopal agrawal: tats the best part the parents departing knowledge abt sex to their juniors
nirav shah: ya
Moni: i think children shud b shown documentories
amit lahoti: as they too need to be experienced for all this things
amit lahoti: about anything can happen to them
amit lahoti: at any time
gopal agrawal: rathere than watching documentaries todays children are more interested in watching porn
nirav shah: and that is available easily
Moni: moreover.....b4 childre approach porn stuff..they shud cum to kno the truth
gopal agrawal: tats the root thing
Moni: yeah
nirav shah: yeah
neha p: ya
gopal agrawal: porn is available freely on the net on book stalls or possibly at ur next doortstep
Moni: coz once porn stuff cums b4 their eyes...they wont believe the real stuff
PRERNA JAIN: ya even i agree to it
neha p: in todays world porn stufs r getin too much also
Moni: so...i think sex education is a must at an early ag
Moni: age
neha p: its a must now
neha p: tht v must educate
Moni: yeah neha
gopal agrawal: but its level shud be increased
sawan nathwani: I think the mode of delivery of the education should be such that it should not be made out to be something phenomenal...Should be treated at par with other subjects.....There shouldnt be any "Hush Hush" thing bout the whole issue
amit lahoti: but considering everything lik d main thing is age
Moni: as it wht level
Moni: ??
nirav shah: i agrree
neha p: but wont this spoil th kids n provoke them to do wrong things?
gopal agrawal: the prof. while parting such education laugh and gives a winky smile
Moni: dats a posibility neha
gopal agrawal: it shud be completely professional
amit lahoti: sometimes ms. neh
PRERNA JAIN: no but neha is on the right track?
nirav shah: most of teachers also shy to teach all this things to children
neha p: c v wud like to put in a professional way but wat if th children dnt tak it
neha p: coz all r not th same
gopal agrawal: but see its brighter part neha
neha p: som may b matured
neha p: some may not tak seriusly
Moni: make thm take seriously is the teacher's duty
neha p: yes
PRERNA JAIN: this depends on the family background of a child
Moni: it must b compulsory
amit lahoti: n also of parents
neha p: n 4 this th teacher herself or himself must b free enough to talk to them
Moni: may b
PRERNA JAIN: of whether he would commit himself to do wrong things or not
nirav shah: if parents dont talk abt it all thing doesnt metter
Moni: the chilren n parnts together shud b given the sex educ.
sawan nathwani: Sure, they would be interested and excited in trying out new things....Jus as any other thing say riding a bike at a very small age or trying drugs and stuff....but the thing is...they would knw...the right way to go about it
neha p: well u can say
amit lahoti: eckjhactly
gopal agrawal: y do the parents need sex education now
gopal agrawal: they already havce a child
neha p: it must b told to them in a way which they wud find interestin
Moni: juz to giv company to the child
Moni: they dont need now
neha p: parents need not get involved in this
amit lahoti: n they should learn how to teach their children
gopal agrawal: was that a joke or are u serious
nirav shah: they hav child but they dont know how to educate their children
Moni: ye
nirav shah: most of
Moni: hmm..
neha p: sex education in school is better than parents tellin them
Moni: dats y sex educ shud b given to both
sawan nathwani: Well at times, it may not necessarily depend on the family...its the Peers and the surroundings he is in
PRERNA JAIN: i most cases it holds true
amit lahoti: parents should obviously get involved
gopal agrawal: its ok with guys but wat abt gurls wud they be able to take up such education
PRERNA JAIN: if u go to see in the remote areas
neha p: yah
Moni: yeah...gals can take u
Moni: up
nirav shah: why not
gopal agrawal: can tak me
nirav shah: they have to take
amit lahoti: y not girls
gopal agrawal: ?
amit lahoti: the world has changed dear
nirav shah: true
Moni: not the villages dear
gopal agrawal: its better if we ask the a gurs abt it
neha p: gals can tak it nowadays but wat abt th municipality schools n low grade schools?
neha p: ther th gals r not even educated abt it
Moni: yes....
gopal agrawal: tats wat i meant
neha p: n they r th victims
Moni: hmm..true
PRERNA JAIN: thts what i have said just before
nirav shah: thats the india
neha p: th uneducated n illiterate females
neha p: they r th victims
amit lahoti: ya then some kind of seminars should be there also
Moni: actually rather than only sex educ....ways to self protection shud also b taught
amit lahoti: y not consider them
PRERNA JAIN: people in the remote areas dont feel free to take such education
nirav shah: but who attend sseminars
neha p: n no 1 bothers to giv them info or guide them against
nirav shah: right
sawan nathwani: Well, there has to be a seperate approach for both, Remote/Rural areas and the Urban areas....there cant be a Same drug for diff sections
neha p: yes exactly they dnt prefer to tak such education but frankly sayin that low class is only responsible for increasin th population in india today
amit lahoti: if seminars r there for a municipality child related to sex educ..........
amit lahoti: of course they ll b interested
neha p: yes exactly they dnt prefer to tak such education but frankly sayin that low class is only responsible for increasin th population in india today
Moni: but v r equally responsible
PRERNA JAIN: its not only the low class
neha p: thts y sex education must b given in schools
Moni: isnt it r duty to teacht them
amit lahoti: its not only d low class people
neha p: thts wat
PRERNA JAIN: but our ministers also
Moni: yaa
neha p: so our duty is to educate them
nirav shah: there is povery not b'coz of many children, there are many children b'coz of poverty
Moni: i think v r going off track
gopal agrawal: this kinda educationb shud be parted in areas of bihar and u.p the most
neha p: true very true
Moni: lets stick to it
neha p: yes
neha p: our topic is whether it shud b allowed or no
Moni: ya
Moni: exactly
nirav shah: ya
neha p: n v hav reached a conclusion tht it must b allowed
amit lahoti: then it should b compulsory
neha p: but i guess in 8th
neha p: std.
amit lahoti: for d betterment of d country
gopal agrawal: it shud be compulsory to all the schools
amit lahoti: agree wid u neha
neha p: in my school they had givn it in 9th still it went bouncer to me
Moni: so..i wud like to conclude educ is a must b given at an early age to make them aware of the world....
neha p: yes
nirav shah: in my school they havnt iven
gopal agrawal: even we didnt got in my school times
neha p: yah
Moni: yes
neha p: through frnds nall
amit lahoti: not everytime
Moni: early age is the right time....
nirav shah: thats why i m telling to give this in 5th or 6th
gopal agrawal: net
neha p: infact they knw all this only through frnds n all;
neha p: they cme to knw wen they discuss with frnds
nirav shah: and that is not reliable
amit lahoti: n whoever gets knowledge b4 Isn't that okkk
Moni: so b4 all frends tell thm the school has to make thm aware
gopal agrawal: friends brothers, sisters net and magazines and many more stuff
nirav shah: very true
PRERNA JAIN: ya even i got the knowledge of it from my friend
amit lahoti: even i
Moni: n from nonveg jokes
nirav shah: same here
gopal agrawal: hahaahaha
neha p: exactly
gopal agrawal: same here too guys
nirav shah: every has the same source
Moni: so...can v conclude????
gopal agrawal: almost everybody got it from their friends or anyt other unreliable source
amit lahoti: but if it is taught b4 8th std some children will take d negative side of it
neha p: so here v conclude tht its a must n children must b educated but in a right way thers shud not b any problms for th teacher to convey th information
gopal agrawal: well said neha
nirav shah: ya
amit lahoti: n aren't there chances that they get in a relationship of sex
Moni: ya..v end r GD here
gopal agrawal: i completely agree wit u
Moni: 3 cheers..!!!
neha p: hip hip hurrya
gopal agrawal: hip hip hurray
PRERNA JAIN: i was typing the same what neha said

Gd taker: okie.. gr88 gd & good ideas came out of all you people
Gd taker: I would like you all to give your perosnal views for the topic.. as conclusion

neha p: so here i conclude tht its a must n children must b educated but in a right way ther shud not b any problms for th teacher to convey th information
neha p: so here v conclude tht its a must n children must b educated but in a right way thers shud not b any problms for th teacher to convey th information

gopal agrawal: i supposse sex education shud be provided to childrens at a age of 13 by their parents

nirav shah: 13 is a good time

PRERNA JAIN: finally, i conclude that sex education is a must. It should be given at an early stage so that everyone is aware of it. It should be made compulsory in the schools. Even Parents should support it. And the teachers shouldn't feel shy to impart it because if they wont , then who wil?

amit lahoti: okk so i feel firstly parents should b very free n it should b compulsory in schools
amit lahoti: thats it

Moni: according to educ is a must for children aroung the age of 12..coz dats the time they start getting matured....schools hav the responsibility of inmparting thm this knowledge n they shud do it seriously..

PRERNA JAIN: This is the only way by which we can control the population of our country.


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Hi all..

The result for GD--4

I would take in Moni, Prerna, Amit & then Neha for the next round..

The topic was a sensitive one, people did take in some relevant points.. but if here are more additions for the same that will be of great help to them all..

I would like more & more people to come along for the GD & also on time.. as there were many who turned up.. but were late for the GD..

Rest others should work on their views & put in more & more relevant points..

I would also like to add in -->> if someone agrees with a persons view.. please do write in the name of the person in brackets while replying..


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Go through the threads "Concept of Online GD", "Newbie FAQs" etc to understand the procedure.

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Yes i think Sex education should definitely be a compulsory subject in schools because it's for our kid's own protection! Why wait for some kind of disaster to happen, like undesirable pregnancy? We as parents and teachers should provide the basic guidance to these children in order to help them.