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BMS Sem V Time table!

M Not so Sure Abt it.. untill & Unless its not up on the University website..its not sure.. but still.. i got it frm some of my classmates.. so m posting..

Here it Goes..

13th nov- HRM
14th - SSM
20th - FM
22nd - Co-op
23rd - RM
26th - Logs

Leave ur Comments....


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Thanks for the time table... but dont you think that the time table is BAD... they could have just started it a little late... These breaks are gonna make it hard to concentrate on the exams also with the CAT in between is gonna make it worse... i mean specially for us who are appearing it seriously, v will have to slog it off.. only if it was a little later but all together may b it would have had been better.. wht do u think??


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I think in the 20's would have been better.Anyways, its good thats its not post poned.So that we have sufficient time for sem 6. Anyways i feel we should have had a holiday for ssm.Rest all is fine.
thanx vijit n koolbuggy............ for giving here timetable of sem. 5 exam..........

i think it's very tidy for the cat applicants/students to concentrate on first 3 papers.............

now we have sufficient time to study............:big_grin:


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Dear Mpites,

Please count the above schedule as a tentative schedule and not confirmed until university announces the same. This happens each year and each semester that lots of rumours are passsed in regards to examination dates.

Current preparations please make according to the initial announcement you have heard which states the exams starting from 13th nov and ending in a weeks time and once the university confirms the new timetable we will update you on the same.

Please refrain from coming up with new dates and passing on rumours.

Admin MP.


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plzz tell me d xact time table.....no1 is sure abt d time table.....sum ppl called xam vl b on 20 n sum called on plzz tell me d xac time table.....w8in fr cr...


all the best you guys. . .

this schedule seems to be locked since its put up in a lot of colleges by now, as you may know!!!


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this tt is rite.this is coz cat exam on 18th. as thr were news of postponing the tt. our coll hv already displayed this tt. so this is the perfect tt.
all the best to all.