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Owners of copyright in existing work, prospective owners of copyright may assign either whole or in part either generally or specifically subject to some limitations.

The person to whom the work is assigned are known as “assignees”, they could be legal representatives, legal heirs, Agents etc.

The Assignment could be made any time during the lifetime of the author(s), during the currency of works or before the work comes into existence but definitely before the death of the author(s).

Modes of Assignment:

In order to be valid should be in writing, signed by the author(s), or by their legal representatives or authorized agent.

Assignment shall identify such work and shall specify the rights assigned and the duration, territorial extent – National/International.

The amount of royalty payable to the author(s), legal representatives, during the subsistence of the agreement.

The duration of agreement shall cover by default 5 years if not exclusively mentioned in the agreement.

The Territorial limits if not mentioned in the agreement then shall cover entire India.