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    Agency Business Management

    1. Agency Business management: Advertising Agencies aren't blindly investing in divisions to please advertisers and parent firms, or out of fear of being left out of the race. They are now a liberated lot, focusing on areas where there is a real gap in the market or where they have some...
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    Agency Compensation

    One of the most important influences on how – and on how effectively the billions of dollars spent for advertising are spent is a specified service organization known as an advertising agency. The advertising agency performs a wide variety of different types of advertising and marketing services...
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    When the advertising or the marketing managers go about selecting an advertising agency, they generally follow the following steps: 1. Define what they want in an ad agency in terms of some specific services required etc. 2. Tell the news media, such as The Brief, A&M, as well as local...
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    Parameters for evaluating Ad agency Media services

    The parameters on which an ad agency’s Media services dept is evaluated are as follows: (The various parameters are ranked on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the poorest and 10 being Excellent) 1. Media group actually explores the new uses of various media available 2. Agency media recommendations...
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    Parameters for measuring AD AGENCY creative services

    The parameters on which an ad agency’s creative services dept is evaluated are as follows: (The various parameters are ranked on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the poorest and 10 being Excellent) 1. Agency regularly produces fresh ideas and original approaches? 2. Creative executions are...
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    What makes a good agency?

    The process of agency evaluation involves regular assessment of two aspects of performance area – financial and qualitative. 1. The financial assessment focuses on how the agency conducts its business to verify costs and expenses, the number of personnel hours charged to an account to an...
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    Client's Evaluation of Agency

    Client’s evaluation of the agency 1. What makes a good agency? 2. Areas of evaluation 3. Experts 4. Objectivity 5. Dedication 6. Staffing and management
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    Infringement in Agency Management

    Infringement Film: If a substantial part of the film is reproduced without the approval from the producer or the copyright holders, without giving footage or the credits to the original makers. Sound Recording: In respect of reproduction due credits are to be given, in case of remix due...
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    Assignment in Agency Management

    Assignment: Owners of copyright in existing work, prospective owners of copyright may assign either whole or in part either generally or specifically subject to some limitations. The person to whom the work is assigned are known as “assignees”, they could be legal representatives, legal heirs...
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    The Copyright Act

    Copyright Act 1957 Copyright is an exclusive right to reproduce an original work of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression to prepare derivative works based upon original work, and to perform or display the work in the case of musical, dramatic, choreographic and sculptural...
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    Bureau Of Indian Standards

    Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) The BIS the National Standard body of India, is a statutory body to set up Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986. It comprise of members representing the Industry, Consumer Organization, Science Research Institutes, Professional Bodies, Technical Institutions...