AIB new video: Is Irfan Khan Alright? A Sudden Change In Genre

<h2>AIB new video: Is Irfan Khan Alright? A Sudden Change In Genre</h2>

Whoa! All India BaKchod had roped Irfan khan for their upcoming spoof. First you might not believe what Irfan has done right now. It is very seldom to see Irfan Khan roping in comedy film or any kind which involves comedy or dance but, what director fails to do; All India BaKchod has just managed to pull it off. Their latest video has featured Irfan khan pulling Honey Singh’s leg and imitating his songs. However what AIB has done is very common and quite seen in USA. They have just destroyed the song by adding their lyrics with saucy and sassy title named Party Song.

It is always interesting to watch Irfan khan acting but this absconding style of Irfan is revealed in this party song. Honey Singh might be pondering hard about what they have done to my lyrics. Before playing song they had a brief conversation where they taunt Irfan about his imbecile dancing skills and what he has not tried in film industry is the party song. Suddenly gets charged up all cameras panned up and then start what is unexpected.

Well, I don’t want to ruin your excitement just watch the video and you will get the clear idea about why Irfan Khan’s new avatar is funny yet charming.

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