100 Marks project in Retail- Store Operations


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Hi Everyone!
I am pursuing my summers with reliance retail at corporate office, mumbai in the area of retail operations. Can somebody guide me -
1) The probable topics of the summer in the store operations - Retail
2) The related material about store operations.

Pls do Help, It's very urgent!

Thank you.


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Its a good work as you have not moved from the topic and also interesting facts about the market and what is to come in the future.


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Hello all,

Am happy tht i have got a chance to help nw

Pls find the below project which i have done on the same topic.....and i have got A+ for the same

When i try to open it is displaying no text converter installed for the file type .........
Can u help me with it...........


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hi... i am urgently need a project. on store operations optimization.. its reeli urgent can u help me plzz... it will be reeli greatful


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I am doing summers in Big Bazaar My project is on store operations
If any one has done a project on store operations please mail it

I need it urgently.


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hi,this was a good one.
can anyone help me to get a project on "recruitment and selection process of consultancy firm".i need it very urgently.

thanks and have a good day.