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    IAS Officer Protects Evidence in A Heroic Way

    <h2>IAS Officer Protects Evidence in A Heroic Way</h2> It is seldom to see such cases where the government officers are risking their life to do their duty honestly without any corruption. But, as it is said that not everyone is corrupted or tainted, there are myriads of officers who are...
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    Electronic intercept evidence

    Should evidence obtained through telephone, email or other forms of communication tapping be admissible as evidence by either side in any form of trial? The UK and other jurisdictions have rules of evidence which would prevent the release of sensitive information from the intelligence services...
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    Office copy of declaration to be prima facie evidence

    Office copy of declaration to be prima facie evidence. In any legal proceeding whatever, as well civil as criminal, the production of a copy of such declaration as is aforesaid, attested by the seal of some Court empowered by this Act to have the custody of such declaration, 2[or, in the case...
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    Hearsay Evidence

    Hearsay Evidence- It is information that has been heard from someone. It often becomes the basis of investigative stories in the media. However hearsay evidence is not admissible in court. It is for the same reason that press clippings are not used as evidence in court. A court of law...
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    Circumstantial evidence

    -Circumstantial evidence Circumstantial evidence is a set of facts that can be used collectively to infer a conclusion about something. Circumstantial evidence is generally a theory that is proved using corroborative evidence. When there are no witnesses to a crime but a number of...
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    Documentary evidence

    -Documentary evidence Documentary evidence is any evidence produced in court in form of a document. Though it is often interpreted as evidence on paper, it includes any media on which information can be preserved. Photographs, videos, etc are also forms of documentary evidence. Original...
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    Oral evidence

    -Oral evidence Evidence that a witness comes and deposes before the court. It becomes documentary evidence when taken down by a stenographer. When the witness deposes, the process is called examination –chief which is followed by cross-examination. Cross-examination is a hostile examination by...
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    Physical Evidence.

    Physical Evidence. Companies try to demonstrate their service quality through physical evidence and presentation. However, in case of insurance sector, the customer rarely visits the insurance company. The customer comes mostly only in contact with the service provider hence the service...
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    Mahabharata, Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Wars

    Interesting, nuclear accident on another Planet? (sources that discuss Tiamet, Planet V) Venus shows visible craters, Mars has no life but it is suggested, life once existed. And now on Earth we have nuclear Technology coming out of our backsides and we continue to live with this vulnerability...
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    ssm - project on physical evidence in different sectors

    hi to all frnds..... i am uploading my project of physical evidence in different sectors... just check out... hope it helps all.... cya.... :)claps
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    SSM - project on physical evidence

    hiiiiiii to all frnds.... i am uploading a project on physical evidence... This project includes different sectors in which physical evidence is important... hope it helps all... cya... :tea:
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    E-mail a valid evidence under company law

    NEW DELHI: The new company law which is being drafted by the government is likely to recognise e-mails as a valid piece of evidence. With corporates relying on e-mails for bulk of their communication, the ministry of corporate affairs is planning to recognise electronic communication by...
  13. melroy88

    Mars rover unearths evidence of wetter past

    A patch of bright-toned Martian soil analyzed by NASA's rover Spirit is so rich in silica that it may provide some of the strongest evidence yet that ancient Mars was much wetter than it is now, U.S. medias reported Tuesday. The alpha particle X-ray spectrometer, a chemical analyzer at the...
  14. melroy88

    How is Foreign Aid Spent? Evidence from a Compelling Natural Experiment

    Executive Summary: Foreign aid is viewed as a transfer of resources that can be used to generate meaningful growth in the recipient country's economy. How this aid is ultimately spent, therefore, determines how effective it is in achieving its purposes. Yet economists to date possess little...
  15. vengabeats

    India to confront Pak with evidence

    With probe into July 11 Mumbai serial blasts proving involvement of Inter Services Intelligence and Pakistan-based terror groups, New Delhi on Sunday said it will confront Islamabad with the latest evidence and judge it by actions and not words. Taking charge as Foreign Secretary, Shiv Shankar...
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    Capital Structure and the Firm Characteristics: Evidence from an Emerging Market

    Abstract We examine the determinants of capital structure of Malaysian companies utilizing data from 1984 to 1999. We classify data into four sub-periods that correspond to different stages of Malaysian capital market. Debt is decomposed into three categories: short-term, long-term and total...
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    Corporate Dividend Policy and Behaviour: The Malaysian Evidence

    This study examines corporate dividend policy and behaviour of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) companies. Project Made By IIM-A students