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    VISA V/S AMERICAN EXPRESS In 1992, Visa paid approximately $20 million to sponsor the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain and the Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. In addition, Visa spent millions on a marketing campaign designating itself as the official credit card of the 1992...
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    Reforms in Indian Securities Market Since 1992

    The development in Indian securities market since 1992 can be summarized as follows: • Capital Issues (Control) Act of 1947 repealed and the office of Controller of Capital Issues abolished; control over price and premium of shares removed. Companies now free to raise funds from securities...
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    The Indian Securities Market Before 1992

    The Indian Securities Market Before 1992 The Indian securities market before 1992 had the following characteristics: • Fragmented regulation; multiplicity of administration. • Primary markets not in the mainstream of the financial system. • Poor disclosure in prospectus. Prospectus and...
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    One year RI for Ketan Parekh in 1992 security scam case

    MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court on Tuesday sentenced stock brokers Ketan Parekh and Hiten Dalal along with five others to one year rigorous imprisonment each, while two other accused were sentenced to six months imprisonment in the 1992 security scam case. However, their bails will continue till...