Where Is Inflation Hidden?


MP Guru
Frank Byrd ’00 discussed U.S. inflation from an historic perspective and the future prospect of inflation in light of current monetary policies with Professor Emi Nakamura on March 25, 2010. Their presentation was part of Columbia Business School’s ongoing series of community forums on business and the economy.

“Is inflation in our future? I believe being on the right side of the inflation/deflation question could be the single most important investment decision of the coming decade,” Byrd said. “Although many people fear inflation may arise in the future, no one seems to believe it is a problem today. I challenge this belief. It’s not in the future. It is in the present. It’s been with us since at least the late 90s, we just can’t see it — yet. So where is it hidden? How is it hidden?”

Watch the complete video to hear Byrd and Nakamura discuss this issue.