Things to expect for getting ready on TOEFL test day


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Getting Ready for Test Day – Things to Expect -

Everyone gets nervous before a big test. As test day approaches, a feeling of uneasiness begins to set in. Questions like, “am I properly prepared for the exam?” or “do I have everything that I need (documentation, id, etc.) for test day?” are just a couple of examples of the doubts that students typically have. However you mustn’t fear – this is completely normal! Millions of students around the world all go through the same process, and each and every one has to cope with the stress of test day.

In order to help ease the stress, we here at EduSynch have decided to put together a list of some important things to remember before the big test day.

3 Things to Expect

No matter which part of the world you’re taking the test in, you will be asked to:

Show an ETS-approved ID.
-Make sure the name on the ID you bring to the test center matches the name you used for registration.

Provide handwriting and signature samples
Have your photo taken
How Long Will the Test Take?

People always seem to think that the TOEFL® test will take up your whole day. This is simply not true! The truth is that you can take the entire TOEFL® test in half a day! That means you’ll have time to do whatever you’d like after the exam, like going to the movies, or hanging out with friends. After all that time you put into studying for the test, you deserve it!

The TOEFL® Test Breakdown:

Reading section : 60 – 80 minutes
Listening section: 60 – 90 minutes
Break: 10 minutes
Speaking section: 20 minutes
Writing section: 50 minutes
Quick Test Day Reminders:

Try to arrive at least 30 minutes early
Dress comfortably
Remember that no electronic devices or personal items are allowed in the testing room