TATA's 1-Lakh Car is out


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No doubts it is a accomplishment for TATA group & India However I feel this will lead to splurge tiny cars on Indian road which already reeling under congestion.advancement in automobile must be backed with advancement in clean fuel technology and road infrastructure.


MP Guru
i heard its a really good car and has mileage of 20 dats good and in city like mumbai 90 highest speed is cool good achievement by tata


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its the future of indian car market in small car segment. of the concepts it will revolutionize the whole automobile industry


Kartik Raichura
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This is going to change the economics of India.. automobile industry is considered as the fuel of any economy .. poor infrastructure crammed with small inexpensive cars will be marked as the first phase of evolution for india on its journey in becomng a developed economy.

Himanshi Agarwal

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The Tata Nano is a compact city car that was manufactured and marketed by Indian automaker Tata Motors over a single generation, primarily in India, as an inexpensive rear-engined hatchback intended to appeal to current riders of motorcycles and scooters — with a launch price of one lakh rupees or US$2500 in the year .