Should brain drain be allowed ??


Neeraj K Chauhan
More than loyalty, there are many other factors, where brain drain should be allowed and justified. Apart from earning foreign currency, we have links in countries where we would like to establish our clients.

The revolution in India's social, economic, technological front is because some scholars went abroad and had broad vision of what is happening elsewhere. Many social reformists have been educated abroad or worked abroad.

Let me give an example...Dr Homi Bhabha.

Nuclear industry was virtually unknown to India and given the requirement of infrastructure, many countries still find it difficult to achieve the status of respectable nuclear power.

Dr Homi Bhabha had the vision and started an early nuclear program for India. He established the huge infrastructure, created jobs in India for scholars and made India a nuclear nation.

Skilled and qualified people move to other nations around the world for better salary and greater life-style, which they are lacking of in India. It is not totally the mistake of those individuals who get away from India to move somewhere else. They do this simply because they don't get adequate facilities in India.