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When the advertising or the marketing managers go about selecting an advertising agency, they generally follow the following steps:

1. Define what they want in an ad agency in terms of some specific services required

2. Tell the news media, such as The Brief, A&M, as well as local business editors that
you intend to select an ad agency for your product. They will spread the news.

3. Screen the agencies that have replied to the advertisements on the basis of certain criterion and narrow the field down to four or five agencies.


Herein agencies that have been short listed receive an invitation from companies to make presentations. Through these presentations the agency may succeed in selling its services to new clients. The agency describes its experience, its personnel and capabilities, procedures, and demonstrates its outstanding work.

The presentation may be speculative, requiring an analysis of the prospect’s marketing situation and propose a tentative ad campaign. The purpose is to indicate what kind of ad campaign they would create if they had the account.

Such pitches are expensive and involve great deal of time and preparation without any assurance of gaining the business. Many ad agencies are disinclined to welcome and participate in such events as they believe agencies should be selected on account of experience and the quality of services they have provided to previous clients.

5. Choose the new agency on the basis of certain criterion and also at the same time inform the other agencies as to why they were not chosen.
A few general parameters that the client looks for while choosing an ad agency are as

 Agencies knowledge of the advertising process

 Agencies knowledge of the product category

 Client’s basis of experience with the ad agency

 Client’s knowledge of the abilities of the agency

 The chemistry between the agency and the client with respect to the kind of interaction between them, the understanding of mutual needs etc.