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Hi guys,

Get 50 points to tell us about your college.

NO COPY PASTE of stuff from other sites. We will Give (-) points if its COPY PASTE.

The college can be a BMS or a MBA colg. Even Bcom colleges will be considered :)

So what are you waiting for.. Start replying in this thread and good reviews get from 2 - 50 points, depending on the quality of the review.


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Ok Kartik let me start......
I am doing my BMS from Rizvi college, Bandra. The college has got 2 buildings:-
1. consisting of 11th,12th-sci,comm, arts., B'com,B.A,Bsc., BMS & BMM.
2. consists of Springfield school, Hotel management, MMS, ENgg, fasion designing, etc.

Since I am doing BMS I will give you some brief about BMS in Rizvi colg:-

1) Facuilty:- The CO-ordinators are Sameer Charaniya, Anand Deshpande & for BMM its Sarah maam. Both Sameer sir n Anand sir are quite helpful to students and generally help us n talk to us.
The profs which come to teach i will honestly rate them B+. Some are really good profs. like Nikhil Rao for SSM(service sector management), Cryus Gonda for HRM(human resouce management), Thakur Sir for FM(financial management) etc are some of the good facuilty members.

2.Students Quality:- Well students quality can be also graded b+. Most students don't have intrest in actually doing something. But then there are always such elements in college. We have a little more.

3.Extra Ciricular Activities:-Sports in our college is the only thing which is played with dedication. Specially FOOTBALL. I am not sure if college gives any facilities for the same for BMS, because all my friends used to plan and practice on their own in some ground in bandra. The college doesnt have any FEST as such, which is a major draw-back. We students have tried everything to convince the co-ordinators about the importance of this FEST, but in vain. We are offcourse allowed to participate in other college FESTS. But always have being deprived of organising 1.
The attendence in such matters are NOT concidered imparially. Only teachers pets get away with attendence.

4.Other Facilities:-The classrooms are medium sized with big windows which over look da sea. Due to this its v airy all the time. There is no A.Cz in the classrooms. The seating arrangements in class is wooden benches used in school. Board n chacks are available. A laptop n LSD is also available for facuilties for teahing n also for us to give presentations but only for 3rd year students. Libraray is also fine, and most common books are available in average stock. All newspapers and some journals are also available. There is 1 computer room too, which 50% times is closed for God knows what reason, if if its open, the PCz are all effected by virus or no internet available most of the times. V patetic condition. The conference room is fully air-conditioned and is generally used for extra guest lectures. Canteen is also fine, with veg n non-veg food available. there was a canteen in the 6th floor and also in ground floor. But these days the 6th floor canteen is closed. N the most major problem is that of toilet, which is in pathetic conditions most of the times.

For the BMM section I can say, they have a v strong faculity, and the college has a record of 100% result till date in BMM.

On the whole the college is an average college, with huge potential. I am saying that because, there is a lot of air for improvment n this in turn can get a gud reputation for the college.
P.S:- The above information is completely on my personal view basis. So if anyone has better knowledge can always correct me.


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ok my college too rocks
i come from Ghanshyamdas Saraf college
its a vast institute it covers all aspects of education right from nurcery to MBA the school is divided into two sections ENGLISH MEDIUM AND HINDI MEDIUM it has also began with ICSE
Firstly Jounier college
then comming to degree college we have got B.M.S B.M.M B.C.B.I
AND NOW LAST YEAR OUR COLLEGE HAS JOINED UP WITH Skkim manipal institute ogf M.B.A it offers mba degree to students at a very nominal fees and also gurantees 100% placement to students more over we even have in our college with very good faculty so frnds my college takes care of all their students ambition and even opens part time courses like jelwery dezining, fashion dezning etc and some time language cources like(french,german) etc
so u c frnds my coll rocks


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20 points for that review :) ... Guyz make sure you write a detailed review about your college and faculty and how satisfied you are with your college.


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hi guyz i m from ROYAL COLLEGE MIRA college rocks....
i wil offer my views by giving marks n max marks wil b 10 ok...1)discipline---10,
(2)attendence-10,(3)education-10,FEST---10,(4)students--10,(5)Teaching n non teaching staff-10,...........EVERYONE N EVERYTHING OF MY COLLEGE IS "THE BEST"


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hey pooja i guees u havent understood the concept u need to explain us about royal coll what corses does it provide what kind of faculty do u have nd stuufs like that


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well thts a very big question :- to describe my college?

ok....well im was from SMT C.H.M COLLEGE located in ULHASNAGAR......IT IS UNDER THE BOARD OF is one of the best college in MUMBAI UNIV.........

smt.C.H.M college.......has the almost all the courses provided by the MUMBAI UNIV. whch ranges frm normal degree courses to various professional couses with also offein master's degree.....

the college has 4 buildings located in vast campus (cant rcall the area , but it is one of the bigest campus in MUMBAI UNIV)......

the main buildin for 11th , 12th, and degree courses, another one for pharmacy, third one for DIPLOMA IN ENGG....and the fourth one thts the new one....for management cours

now abt B.M.S.....

WELL faculty was good upto one extent......thr were som of the best professors teachin us.....but sadly thy hav left the college....

well my batch was the best batch in history of we had a very good co-ordinator Mr.AKHIL MISHRA. he was really a good co-ordinator with excellent leadership skills and very good teacher in FINANCE.....

talkin abt students well 50% of students were sindhis (well as it is a college made for sindhis , the resevaion is jsutified), students were good with all aspect....mean bleand of everythng....

our college gives gr8 importance for sports......while i was in college........our batch had very good team of sportsperson......A VERY GOOD TEAM FOR ALOMOST EACH GAMES LIKE HANDBALL, BALL-BADMINTON, BADMINTON, HOCKEY ......and this goes with proof of our college standins in the UNIV......we were in top three for almost all the events.....

well infrastructure is not upto mark of some other college (but takin into account the 26/7 diluge if last year , and college sufferin loss of around 2 corores) the college has done pretty good with providin us facilities.....

we had one of the best libraies in the MUMBAI UNIV .........but everythng was ruined b'coz of floods......

and last but not least we hav one of the most prolific principle Mr.DINESH PANJWANI..he has chngd the college very much since he took chrge.....

u might thnk im boastin abt my college i mis it very much...i used to ignore it while i wasin college but i now i know wht i hav gained frm i....most importantly i gained very good frnds........



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kartik said:
40 points for Maxy :) ... Put it as much info as you can in the review guys

arey isse jyda kya likhoo......haath dard karne lag gaye....aur sirf 40 points......aisa karega toh 1000 points kaise honge........:SugarwareZ-254:


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chaitali.... of SARAF girls college (which already neha gave some points) but some thing diff than it frm my thoughts so here it goes my review..

as Saraf is a girls college since last 23 yrs in education. as it belongs to Ghanshyamdas Saraf Trust whcih is quite famous in mumbai and renowned too and in education line they are with this coll and many schools in mumbai.coming to my coll specially when it comes to education, my coll believes in quality rather than quantity so in my class there were 36 students and also best faculty provided.

Faculty: v have total10 permanant faculty and 8 visiting faculty for all professional courses thts BMS, BMM, BCAF and BCBI. v have Bhanu krishnan, Deepti soni, Madhavi Nigoshkar, Geeta Iyer, Rubina Khan Ramnath subhramanian, Vikram shotri and many more as BMS faculty and MR.Rajesh johri ho is Lyrist in Bolly wood and Mr. Sanjay gajaria who is model and RJ. and Mrs. Kalpana sathe the marathi news reader as BMM faculty. and also ICICI branch manager for BCBI and some good companies people like Shilpa choudhary for BCAF.

Guest lectures, Seminars and Events: As for guest lectures v have twice in a 3months as per availability of guest coming to our coll but that is a sure the guest coming in our college is always happy and ready to come again like the ESSEL propacks people and Parle G and many more company people.
For seminars coll always sees to have FREE seminar to all students of coll and tht too best speakers use to come.. v do have an event named ALLON, whcih is totally free. v dont take any registration charges. all expenses of event, prizes, lunch, advt and other exp are just borne by coll trust itself. students just have to attend the fest and enjoy.

Infrastructure:: Coming to coll, situated near malad, opp bajaj hall and nr Dalmia coll.. so our coll bldg is quite famous of 5 floors with th well equiped auditorium tht is best with all equipments and said as best from all other coll auditoriums, the audi is on ground floor, than comes 1st floor where there is a students heart thts canteen and our principal office with 3 staff rooms, one of B.Com and later of Junior coll and one of Kiran saraf institutes which offers diff courese whcih explained later and 3rd is of professional courses staff room. all staff room are spacious and have all neede facilities like A.C, and all needed things. coming to canteen.its of vibrant colours and having all typrs of food from usal pav to noodles and from pav bhaji to dosa frm tea to all breakfast and all kinds of wafers and cold drinks and many more things. also there is a common room for our students council and all cultural and other students activities discussion. beside its a Gymkhana which conducts diff classes for yoga, and meditation and all other course. and also training for table tennis, carrom, chess and other indoor games, also training for cricket, volley ball, badminton, rugby, throw ball and all outdoor sports. there is a spacious ground where students r trained for state level and national level..
2nd floor is our learning centre whcih is sim ilar to room of WELINGKAR college whr v use to have presentations.. it has all facilities of Pc, LCD, TV,DVD, etc all necessary equipments..
from 3rd to 5th floor v have diff spacious classroom and 4th and 5th floor is for all professional courses...

Different courses: the diff institute like SIkkim Manipal, DAvars,French german, ICFI, Tilak University etc...has come to our coll for diff courses...
these are for all tht even males are allowed for this courses..
it has from 3 types pf MBA to jwellery designing, craft and creative course to C.A classes of PE I to final CA at vey reasonable fee of just 6000 rs.and also diff language classes of french, germany and also many international languages which is from govt recognised.
there r many diploma like tourism, marketing, finance management per the short duration..

Cultural activities: v have diff days and almost minimum 35 days in a yr .. whcih is quite enjoyable and meorable for every its a girls college, some students use to take a male get up and v use to have dramas, and diff competetions...v do have diff trophy for every diff days ..

so SARAF just beleves in quality and always best teaching and diff personality given to every student... many people thinks there is no devt being in girls coll than i wuld surely tht just compete with us.. u will see the change... as there is always more exposure for us than others...

That is not enough.. it will just move my pages... but i think this much enough just for an trial intro ....

want to know more... just buzzz me anytime.....

so this is my SARAF whcih has changed me and helped me to face this world




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45 points for chaitali :D ... If some1 raises the bar with a better review of their college, they get 50 points :)


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About my college i am from CHM college ulhasnagar.........

Smt Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College of Arts,Science,Commerce & Management ,Mass Media and Information Technology is one of the largest Colleges in the University of Mumbai.

Foundation stone of College was installed on 1st Jan , 1964 by Late Principal K.M.Kundnani, Rector and Secretary, H.S.N.C Board, Barrister Hotchand G. Advani, president of the Board, Late Shri Gangaram Himatmal Mansukhani.



Faculty is quite good, earlier we had a great coordinator Mr.Akhil Mishra
a good co-ordinator with excellent knowledge and very good teacher in FINANCE..... but unfortunately he left the college this year and went abroad....
As of now we are having superb, energitic coordinator Prof.Rupa Desai, she is gr8 means excellent leader i can say, rupa maam takes marketing and HR.... and so on we have few more professors and so on and visiting faculties also there for various subjects

We organise regurlary a bms festival Parliance wherein we conduct many management games and so on............

Junior College students appear for the examinations conducted by MUMBAI BOARD whereas Senior College students appear for the examinations conducted by MUMBAI UNIVERSITY.

Today CHM college has more than 400 teaching and non-teaching staff members on its roll and it imparts education to more than 9500 students in Six faculties. The college offers education to students at Junior,Degree and Post-Graduate Levels and it has a strong Research tradition and background.

The College is situated right opposite the Ulhasnagar Railway Station, in Lush surroundings ,in an area of 16 acres. It boasts of spacious classrooms ,a well-stocked library,Office,Staff Common Room, a Canteen, an Annex building, Conference Halls,Swanky Computer laboratories,upgraded laboratories in the Science, Psychology and Geography Departments and well developed Sports grounds.It is centrally located and almost equidistant about 60 Kms.)from Mumbai,Karjatand Kasara.The variety of Courses offered Both Conventional and Professional make it a focal point of education in the entire district.

The college has a well- stocked library and reading room with a collection of about 50,000 books including 5,000 reference books about 175 journals and periodicals and 30 newspapers. Every year a large number of books are added to the above. The library is open for the students between 7.00a.m. and 8.00p.m. on all working days.

This College Library has a collection of more than 16,00 textbooks in book bank facilities provided to Degree College Students on First-cum-First-served basis.Forms are issued to the students on which they have to write their demand for the books.Maximum 3 books of the subject are issued to the students who are in need. These books are to be returned to the library immediately after the completion of their theory examinations.


225 students can be accomodated in large and spacious reading room attached to main Library.The facility is provided from 7.00 to 8.00 p.m(13 hrs).Reference Books,magzines.Daily Newspapers are provided to the students.

Cultural Programmes carried out in the College, are the biggest Stimulators of Students Creativity. The Monotony of the day-to-day College life is broken. Hidden talents among Students are explored and identified .These are the activities that form the CULTURAL ethos of the College. and entrench our value systems and heritage.

The Cultural Activities of the year got off a smooth start with a Bhajan that was organized on the eve of the New Academic Year. The programme was attended by hundreds of devotees, students and Staff members.

THE UNIVERSITY YOUTH FESTIVAL organized by the Department of Students Welfare of University of Mumbai in which Students participation were in large numbers.

GURU PURNIMA reminds all of us of the rich tradition of Guru-Shishya parampara.The students of C.H.M College honored their teachers on this occasion by offering Flowers and donating books to various Departments of the College.

INDEPENDENCE DAY- A moment of great pride for US!!!!The Principal hoisted our National Flag followed by the Inspection of the parades off NCC (Boys and Girls) Contigents,NSS Volunteers. About thousand Students actively participated in the programme.

The Chandi Utsav was organized from 22 to 24 December 2004.A march past of NCC, NSS and different associations of the College was followed by a cultural programme.Over three thousand Students attended the inaugural ceremony. There was as if an endless list of events !! Over thirty-two programmes were organized in the Chandi Utsav.An integration Mela consisting of Food Stalls,Game Stalls,Juke Box were organized..Each day Saw five thousand students attending various programmes and at least 100 students participated in Various events. All the events were conducted in a festive environment Prizes were Awarded to first and second rankers on the Same Day. The event was the glory of our College, a sense of achievement for the Students and teachers alike.

THE REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS was the next event to be proud of Smt.CHM College has been celebrating Republic Day along the lines of the festivities at Raj Path in New Delhi. This idea too was the brain child of the principal, which evoked tremendous response from various Educational Institutions ,Government Offices and Social Organizations.

Our College celebrates Republic Day every year as GAURAV DIWAS and honors Living Legends who contribute to the building of our nation. They are presented to the Students as living examples of Inspiration.

GAURAV DIWAS has been conceptualized by Smt CHM College to honor significant contributions of, particularly, artists and to present them as role models to the youth of a resurgent nation. The College seeks to underline the importance of the Republic nature of our country, by virtue of which we breath as free citizens of a democratic, independent nation, our rights as citizens being guaranteed to us by the Constitution of India, which was adopted on 26 January 1950.

Principal Mr.Dinesh Panjwani was the inspiration for all these activities .
Vice Principal Dr Milind Vaidya , Mrs Jyotika Ozarkar,Mrs.Uma Vishwakarma were the chief guiding forces behind.

A huge Thanks has to be rendered to all Teaching and Non-teaching Staff. Also enormous thanks to the Student community for their enthusiastic Response towards all the activities conducted this Year.

All the Teaching and Nonteaching Staff worked tirelessly and the enthusiasm and the response from the Vast Student Community was unparalleled.

TILL a few years ago, it was a nondescript college location in some part of Ulhasnagar.Not many ,except of course we suburbanites ,knew about it .Poor academic performance ,Lack of co-curricular activities ,sprawling but pathetically maintained campus ,is what Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College was all about.

But now things have changed .On academic front ,the college churns out merit holders.Last Year three of its degree college students secured a place in the merit list.This year 10 more degree students made the college proud by securing 13 positions in the merit list.What's more is that CHM was the only suburban College that had merit ranks in two digits,the other three being from Mumbai.

The Overall academic performance of the college has improved in last four years.In 1999-2000,the total number of the student who cleared 12th standard was 84 percent .In 2003-2004 it went upto 96.87 percent .This is not all.In 1999-2000, mere 144 students out of 1832 who appeared for HSC secured a distinction .In 2003-04 ,402 students out of 1600 who appeared for examinations ,secured a distinction.

As far as degree courses are concerned ,the pass percentage has gone up from 65.36 percent in 1999-2000 to 84.08 in 2003-04 .The number of distinction holders in degree college has gone up from mere 28(out of 1276)in 1999-2000 to 93(out of 1539)in 2003-04.

To add to this the college offers 30 degree courses.It also has to offer seven dual degree vocational courses "Our College is now competing with the best of Colleges in Mumbai,"Says Dinesh Panjwani ,the proud Principal of CHM College.As if this wasn't enough the college management now has plans to get five more colleges-Pharmacy,Law,BEd,Management and Engineering -within the same campus.

ON CO- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS front the college is not lagging behind either.In December 2003 ,the college hosted Mumbai University 's First All India Inter University Ball Badminton Tournament in which 52 universities from across the country participated.The Colleg's ball badminton and handball teams have also won several prizes in last few years

CHM has also been in the news for its felicitation programmes.Three years ago the college felicitated Ustad Zakir hussain,well known tabla player.After that year college honored known poet and lyricist Gulzar.Last Year College felicitated Ghazal Maestro Shri.Jagjit Singh ,Incidentally these celebrrities had never been to Ulhasnagar before.

ON SOCIAL FRONT the college has been involved in blood donation drives and also awareness campaingns.In the Last few years,the college has also been conducting a survey on civic amenities in Ulhasnagar.The survey report prepared by 1000 odd students is submitted to Ulhasnagar Municipal Coorporation ,which initiates action upon lacunas pointed out in the report.

The College's USP continues to be 30 degree courses and also post graduation in Commerce that it has to offer.

EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGE AGREEMENT Between Smt.Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College (Ulhasnagar) & Clayton College and State University Of the University System of Georgia(USA)

The first faculty visiting this Faculty Exchange Programme from Smt.CHM College is Dr.Milind Vaidya (Vice Principal & Reader in Physics) and Would be attending the programme from 6th November to 16th November 2005 at Clayton College and State University Georgia(USA).

Together join in issuing the following agreement to promote a closer international cooperation between the two institution and to promote a better understanding between the people of the united states and the people of India through educational and cultural interchange.

This instrument will service as a general framework for inter-institutional cooperation between Smt.Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College and Clayton College and state University (CCSU).Based on mutual understanding,Dr.Robert H.Welborn,Director of International Education ,CCSU and (a person from CHMC) are designated to coordinate the application of this agreement in the best interest of both the institution.

WHEREAS, the two universities share common interests in education, training and development with a global perspective

BE IT MUTUALLY RESOLVED AND AGREED that the cooperative relationship shall be carried out through such activities as:

Faculty Exchange: Exchange of faculty members or visiting faculty agreements to engage in teaching, research and/or study at each other's institutions will be encouraged .The number and conditions of such exchanges ,including exchange or visit length, institutional obligations, and other matters shall be mutually agreed upon by the two institutions.

Student Exchange: Attendance of students from one institution to the other is encouraged .Each student must, however ,meet the admission requirements of the departments or programs to which he/she applies .Each institution will investigate possible means of granting full or partial tuition wavier to qualified students.

Special Programs: Joint programs of teaching applied research or conferences by faculty members or departments of two institutions may be undertaken on either campus upon agreements separately negotiated, this provision shall include special intensive training and long and short term student and faculty study abroad programs.

Exchange of Academic Materials: Both institutions agree to consider exchange of publications and library materials of equal value

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aree praveen tune yeh kahin se copy paste to nahin kiya naa, lol, Good work buddy......................


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Oye Praveen.. This seems full COPY PASTE.

YOU have to write YOUR OWN experience and review in YOUR OWN words :p


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hey aakash i just use my college website, prospectus, and all pics
it also includes little my experiences in my own words also same too hoga and
let me tell you kartik, i and dude_cutey are managing and taking care of updates on college website......
so as to add more and more happenings of my college i did like that
and also the pics are uploaded from so as to make the thread more attractive
hey buddies you can also review on my college
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oye pravin...........tune toh mujhse bhi jyda feka hai yar..........mein bhi C.H.M ka hu.....mein bhi review diya.....padh mera review.....


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well kartik now im here 2 bore u's my ans 2 ur post...
welll 2 say bout my college no 1 can jugde better den me cause its my 5th RIZVI COLLEGE...

INTRODUCTION: The Rizvi Education Society was established in the year 1982 by Dr. AKHTAR HASAN RIZVI (M.P.), who set his heart on the realisation of a dream the establishment of a mini university catering to a variety of educational interests and aspirations.
The foundation stone of Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce was laid by the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra State, Late Padmabhushan Shri. Vasantadada Patil on 31st March 1985. The magnificient college building was constructed in a record time of two months and twelve days, which is an eloquent testimony to the skill, resourcefulness, tenacity of purpose and mighty will power of Dr. A. H. Rizvi.

RIZVI as a college is quite famous for its sports activity ...d juniour collge n d degree collge is a way far frm bms n bmm though its in d same building ..wer as othr courses such as eng.. n hm,fd. r in other buildin which is jus 2 mins frm our bbuilding in cater road...


1. Introduction To cater the growing demand of the job market related to Commerce and Management, The University of Mumbai has introduced a new 3 years Degree Course i.e. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS).
2. Course 3 years Degree Course (Total of 6 Semesters) 2 Semesters per year.
3. Faculty Renowned personalities from the job market will engage lectures as Visiting faculties.
4. Eligibility Passed STD XII or equivalent with not less that 45% marks (40% for Backward classes) at one sitting or Diploma in any Engineering Branches with two, three or four years duration after the SSC conducted by the Board of Technical Education, Maharashtra State or its Equidvalent Exam and should have secured not less than 45 % marks and 40 % marks in case of Backward Class Candidates.
5. Available Seats 120 (60 Reserved for Muslim minority).
6. Registration For 50% Muslim minority Candidates must register after filling & Submitting a registration form Rs. 200/- and a prospectus Rs. 50/- available in the office along with a test fees of Rs.300/-
7. Criteria of Admission a. 50% seats through Merit of CCEE conducted by University of Mumbai
b. 50% seats reserved for minority will be selected through written examination followed by personal interview conducted by the college.

LOCATION: RIZVI College is located in bandra...n one of best locations i.e. cater road....n in a beautiful area of rizvi itself...

INFRASTRUCTURE:standing tall at a heigth equal 2 six floors...with 2 canteens n toilet n washroom at each floor n drinkin facility 2.....with 2 lifts.(one tube lift)2 big libraries one 4 degree n juniour n one for bms lab 2 canteens ..jus d infrastucture of d class rooms r not dat gud.. no AC...No attachd projector ...othrwise everythings fine....

MY EXPERIENCE: as this is my 5th year in rizvi ..i hav experienced a lot of stuff ..frm science crowd 2 management d start i used 2 hate my college but now i feel every wer its same.....d only prob with rizvi is its 2 loaded with cheap crowd...but still fine with me..
bout rizvi is best as compared 2 othr colleges in studues..i mean d faculty is gud as well as d visiting faculty...Nikhil Rao for SSM(service sector management), Cryus Gonda for HRM(human resouce management), Thakur Sir & pawan jhabak for FM(financial management) etc are some of the good facuilty members and last but not d least gupte 4 logostics...d only problem with rizvi bms is dey r not at all intrested in festivals..our own festival is not worth attending,me being d CONTIGENT LEADER of my college is of no use, i feel ashamed of my self.....but i did what i can....1 more thing which is lacking is support frm d coordinators n my juniors so it feels like im d only 1 who is intrestd ....n i did by bringin a trophy frm rehaja college for d ultimate challenger n jus lost d trophy of best cl by few points.....this what i feel bout my college apart frm d fest everything is fine...thank u


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25 points for your description faizan :) ..

Would have loved if you had put some more pros and cons ..

As far as fests are concerned.. MP wil advertise it if u ever come up with one :)