MBA is a loss making investment.


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MBA is a loss making investment.
MBA se loss kar rahe ho. Profit nahi.
Unless you are an MBA from a top tier/ IVY college OR you are amongst the top 0.2% of the rankers that get INR 30lakh+ starting package in Bharat.
Let's do the math:
General salary package you get after the MBA is INR 6-8lacs per annum.
Let's say, you get INR 40K as starting monthly salary.
1. Your parents paid INR 5lacs for this MBA
2. Let's say you pay INR 15K per month back, you will take 33 months to pay back 5 lacs
3. In Bharat, chances are high that you shifted to a larger city to make more money. Let's say you pay INR 10K as rent.
4. Food/ Travel is INR 8K per month.
5. Mobile + Friends is INR 2K per month.
6. Shopping/ extra expenses INR 2K per month.
So, INR 22K goes in sustaining yourself. 15K you pay back to your parents.
You are left with INR 3K.

How will you ever buy a car or save for higher studies or a home or be stable enough to get married and start a family?

What are your thoughts on this?