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Program Name MBA (Executive)
Eligibility Fourteen years of education in relevant field with 4 years of working experience having minimum 2.0/ 4.0 CGPA or 50% marks (annual system) from an accredited educational institution. NTS as per CIIT policy
Session Fall and Spring
Semesters 4
Number of years 2 years
Credit hours 66
CIIT’s Masters in Business Administration curriculum has been designed to develop the in-depth understanding of all business functions. The curriculum is based on technical, data-driven, quantitative skills to make objective decisions with the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to work effectively with people at all levels and from all cultures.
Program will meet the increasing demand for advanced business education which will not only combine text book learning with case study methodology but will expose students to an environment which will facilitate development of their conceptual skills as well as personal growth.

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
ECO400 Business Economics 3(3,0)
HUM400 Business Communication 3(3,0)
MGT410 Marketing Theory and Practice 3(3,0)
MGT430 Financial Accounting and Reporting 3(3,0)
MGT491 Quantitative Analysis and Research for Management 3(3,0)
MGT492 Managing People and Organizations 3(3,0)
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT401 Corporate Governance 3(3,0) MGT492
MGT403 Entrepreneurship 3(3,0) MGT492
MGT431 Managerial Accounting 3(3,0) MGT430
MGT432 Financial Management and Policy 3(3,0) MGT430
MGT460 Operations Management 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT491
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT 599 Business policy and Strategy 3(3,0) MGT432
XXXX Experiential I 3(3,0)
XXXX Experiential II 3(3,0)
XXXX Specialization Elective I 3(3,0)
XXXX Specialization Elective II 3(3,0)
XXXX Specialization Elective III 3(3,0)
Semester 4
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT499 MBA Project 3(3,0)
XXXX Experiential III 3(3,0)
XXXX Experiential IV 3(3,0)
XXXX Experiential V 3(3,0)
XXXX Specialization Elective IV 3(3,0)
Experiential Learning Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT493 Work Based Learning Project 3(3,0)
MGT494 Self-Study Project 3(3,0)
MGT495 Transferable Skills Development 3(3,0)
MGT528 Business Case Studies-Self Study 3(3,0)
MGT529 Consultancy Project 3(3,0)
Taught Specialization Electives*
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
*** Specialization Elective I 3(3,0)
*** Specialization Elective II 3(3,0)
*** Specialization Elective III 3(3,0)
*** Specialization Elective IV 3(3,0)
Specialization Elective Courses
Marketing Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT510 Consumer Behavior 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT511 International Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT512 Cyber Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT513 New Product Development 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT514 Integrated Marketing Communication 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT515 Brand Management 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT516 Service Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT517 Industrial Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT518 Marketing Research 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT519 Strategic Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT520 Advertising And Event Management 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT521 Sales Force Management 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT522 Marketing of IT and Telecom Product 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT523 Customer Relation Management 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT524 Agriculture Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
MGT525 Seminar in Marketing 3(3,0) MGT310
Finance Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT526 Marketing Finance Services 3(3,0) MGT310,MGT350
MGT530 International Finance 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT531 Investment And Portfolio Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT532 Advance Financial Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT533 International Financial Institutions 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT534 Credit Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT535 Corporate Finance 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT536 Commercial Banking 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT537 Financial Statement Analysis 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT538 Business Taxation 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT539 Islamic Finance 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT540 Seminar in Finance 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT541 Real Estate Finance 3(3,0) MGT330
Human Resource Management Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT549 Leadership And Team management 3(3,0) MGT 350
MGT550 Crisis And Conflict Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT551 Human Resource Development 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT552 Compensation Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT553 Human resource Information Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT554 Organizational Development And Change Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT555 Performance And Career Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT556 International Human Resource Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT557 Strategic Human Resource Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT558 Employee Relation Management 3(3,0) MGT330
MGT559 Seminar In Human Resource Management 3(3,0) MGT330
Operations Management Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT560 Applied Quantitative Analysis And Practices 3(3,0) MGT400, MTH469
MGT561 Supply Chain Management 3(3,0) MGT460
MGT562 Service Operations Management 3(3,0) MGT460
MGT563 Operations Strategies 3(3,0) MGT460
MGT564 Applied Project Management 3(3,0) MGT460,MTH469
MGT565 Managing Information And Product Development 3(3,0) MGT460,MTH469
MGT566 Inventory Management 3(3,0) MGT460
MGT567 Total Quality Management 3(3,0) MGT460,MTH469
Banking Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT542 Islamic Economics 3(3,0)
MGT544 Islamic Financial Instruments and Institutions 3(3,0)
MGT545 Islamic Insurance (Takaful) 3(3,0)
MGT546 Establishment And Operations Of Islamic Banking 3(3,0)
MGT570 Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT571 Emerging Financial Markets 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT572 Islamic Banking 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT573 Bank Management 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT574 Financial And Bank Legislation 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT576 Consumer Banking 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT577 Money And Financial Policies 3(3,0) MGT432
MGT578 Financial Institution Management 3(3,0) MGT432
International Business Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT580 Advance International Business 3(3,0) MGT480
MGT581 Globalization And Corporate Strategy 3(3,0) MGT580
MGT582 International Financial Management 3(3,0) MGT580
MGT583 Cross Cultural Management 3(3,0) MGT580
MGT584 International Trade Law 3(3,0) MGT580
MGT585 The Emerging Economies 3(3,0) MGT580
MGT586 Managing E-Business in a Global Economy 3(3,0) MGT580
MGT587 International Operation And Procurement 3(3,0) MGT580
Hospitality and Tourism Management Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
MGT490 Hospitality And Tourism Management 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT590 Hospitality And Tourism, Planning And Development 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT591 Hotel And Catering Operations Management 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT592 Management Of Food And Beverage Operations 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT593 Food And Nutrition Concepts 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT594 Cross Cultural Etiquette and Protocol 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT595 Tourism Geography 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT596 Tourism Economics 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT597 Tourism Dimensions in Contemporary Society 3(3,0) MGT400
MGT598 International Practices and Trends In Hospitality Industry 3(3,0) MGT400
Agri-business Management Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
ABM510 Agribusiness Management 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM511 Farm Management 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM512 Agribusiness Project Appraisal 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM513 Agribusiness Strategic Management 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM514 Managing the Food Systems 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM515 Agribusiness Operations Management 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM516 Financial Decision Making and Agribusiness 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM517 Agricultural Sales and Consulting 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
ABM518 Agricultural Markets & Pricing 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
Entrepreneurial Management Specialization
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
EPM510 Building and Sustaining a sucessful Enterprise 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM511 Entrepreneurial Finance 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM512 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM513 Evaluating the Entrepreneurial Opportunity 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM514 International Entrepreneurship 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM515 Inventing breakthroughs and Commercializing Science 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM516 Management of the Family Business 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM517 Managing Innovation and Product Development 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM518 Venture Capital and Private Equity 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
EPM519 Entrepreneurial Leadership 3(3,0) MGT492,MGT410
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