Is it okay to kiss in public?


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In my opinion, kissing in public is not at all acceptable as it's against our tradition.
<br> <br><br>Hi Shanjo , Welcome to Mp , Its nice to see your reply , A good point made but your also forgetting the  tradition we believe in ARE also the Creators of Kamasutra . Which contains knowledge beyond a small kiss. <br><br>A kiss would be between 2 individuals and according to be , it should be within limits, im sure no one would do something crazy in public , but if you say not acceptable then please elaborate why ! A debate is not won on 1 word.<br><br>Regards,<br>Melroy<br>


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I would say kissing will be comfortable at quitter places rather than public...<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Gain and share your knowledge by participating in Yahoo Online GD for<br> more details check the below link:<br> <br> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<br> <br><br>Nice reply , But sometimes quieter places may also have 100 eyes on you, The point is that why is it a problem to kiss on public places , not suggest places where we can kiss in public. <br><br>Why is it so bad that 1 cannot do it as its a cheap thing as per othwers opinions.<br>


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I belive its alright.....In India If doing potty in public is okay..then is kissing a big deal?????<img src="<a href=""" target="_blank">"</a> alt="" title="SugarwareZ 297" smilieid="536" class="inlineimg" border="0">
<br> @ aviatorjd , Well said mate.!!! ......... <br><br>Nice to have you here , Continue browsing , there are alot of other topics ,articles and other stuff that will intrest you . Do post in your thoughts. Also if you have any material that may help others kindly do share.<br><br>Keep Browsing, Keep rocking..<br><br>Cheers.<br><br>Regards,<br><br>Melroy<br>


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Hi Friends ...In my opnion to kiss in public is very normal and should b acceptable in our country.In our country there is lot of hypocracy in everything ...plz support this and write ur favourable comments!


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I believe that it tarnsihes the indian heritge and culture, though there tends to be the freedom of life concept. I feel intimacy is better remained and preserved in privacy.
It is to be noted that a young married couple spotted kissing under the Dwarka Metro station was booked by the local police for offence under Section 294(obscenity). Justice S Murlidhar of The Delhi High Court put a stay on the FIR lodged against them and made kissing of married people in public places legal in a remarkable verdict stated above.


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NO.. i dont think so.. coz ppl in india still look at u lyk ur doing a crime.. n make a scene out of that.. n vl curse u for ur whole life..
you know it wasn't so long ago that two men kissing would have been arrested in the UK. A friend of mine and his partner were arrested for doing just that back in 1989 and though in recent years the police bothered less and less about it, the law making it illegal was only repealed in 2003. Two blokes were arrested just last year for kissing in front of the Colloseum in Rome.

I just highlight that because different societies inevitably have differing laws about what is considered obscene in a public space. It does not mean it will always be so and individuals within the society concerned will no doubt be pushing the boundaries and seeking change. However, it makes no sense at all for tourists to break the laws and get imprisoned or fined for it as that just confirms the view of the locals that sexual perversion is a foreign import.
Personally..i think kissing in public is a little too disgusting and so I try and avoid being near couples who do so...but I wouldnt think banning would be justified in any sense...

poornima lagadapati

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I'll disagree with you. Our country has a very good culture where other countries are adopting but we India's are adopting foreign cultures.
Kissing in public is no longer frowned upon or unheard of in India. It is getting more common and young people seem to love it. Do you think public kissing is okay?


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It all depends on the culture, as long as other people don't mind it, I think it is acceptable. As a parent, I would probably be opposed to it though