How to prepare for Group Discussion (GD)?


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How does the group discussion work?
On any Management Admission Test you will be put in a group of 8 to 10 candidates. You will be given a specific situation to analyze and discuss within this group. This group discussion is a simulated exercise - so you cannot suddenly put up a show, because evaluators will easily see through you. The group will be given a topic or case study and will be asked to discuss it. But how do you prepare for this group discussion? Let's take a look at different ways you can get ready for this very important exam!

you must speak!

First and foremost, you must speak in the Group Discussion. This is the most basic principle. You must be noticed by the panel that is judging you. Many Group Discussion participants will complain that they did not receive a chance to speak. However, you must create the opportunity to have your voice heard. Keeping your mouth shut or just murmuring inaudible words in a Group Discussion is simply unacceptable! Increase your general knowledge base Since any topic in the GD is possible, you should increase your knowledge in all general areas. A well-rounded intelligence is a key to success. Often you will find that knowledge in one discipline will help you out in another.Also brush up on your definitions.

Read daily newspapers and magazines.

You must realize that the Group Discussion topics can cover anything under the sun, especially current affairs.Read daily newspapers and magazines to become knowledgeable about hot topics in the economy, politics,technology, science and any sort of world news. Even watching the news on television will help you get a sense of what type of current affairs are going on. You can even search the Internet for the official websites of newspapers that you read - they usually offer an online version of their news. Read up on news events which involve debatable topics or actions. You may recognize whether or not a news story is debatable particularly if there are opinion or editorial articles on it.

Refresh your knowledge of business and politics.

The CAT/MAT/XAT/eCAT is an entrance exam for management programs, so you should know the core concepts of business,management and technology. You should also be well-rounded in political affairs. Try to refresh yourself in the following topics:

• Political ideas and their role in today's government, society and economy (e.g.capitalism,socialism,democracy, bureaucracies)

• Case studies: mortality rates, per capita income, foreign exchange rates

• Economic and political reforms in India

• Common stock market, business and banking terms

• Philosophies and rhetoric

• Current affairs in India, the Middle East, the world

• Social issues

• Effects of globalization

There are many more topics which you need to cover.

Participate in practice group discussion:

Having a mock group discussion is a great way to get practice. Try this out with like-minded friends and you can learn from each other by giving and receiving feedback.Take a piece of paper and a pen and use them, unless specifically asked by the evaluators not to do so. Before you begin speaking, think through the major issues in the topic in the first 2 minutes. Jot down points or mentally work out a framework for analysis.
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Hi i am also preparing for GD/PI what u mentioned is absolutely correct... i have been enrolled for gd/pi Group Discussion and PI Training for MBA Entrance: Online Course and its like i ll be in a room online with 3-4 students and we ll be instructed for gd/pi... I have a query to ask... I was a very nice speaker but i dont know why i have lost confidence in myself as i failed the interview round 2 times... how should i go by this and overcome the fear of failure ?
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Group discussion is important for the company to test the interpersonal skills, communication skills, how good you behave with your team members, how efficiently you put your views, listening skills of the candidate.