Hopeful of virus vaccine

poornima lagadapati

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Union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said that the Covid-19 vaccine may be ready by the beginning of the next year.

Speaking in Rajya Sabha Dr HArsh Vardhan said that “India is making efforts just like other countries. Under PM's guidance, an expert group is looking at it & we have advanced planning in place. We are hopeful that by start of next year, vaccine will be available in the country.”

Meanwhile, India's COVID-19 tally of cases galloped past 51 lakh with a spike of 97,894 new cases and 1,132 deaths in last 24 hours.

Himanshi Agarwal

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While some western, traditional or home remedies may provide comfort and alleviate symptoms of mild COVID-19, there are no medicines that have been shown to prevent or cure the disease. WHO does not recommend self-medication with any medicines, including antibiotics, as a prevention or cure for COVID-19. However, there are several ongoing clinical trials of both western and traditional medicines. WHO is coordinating efforts to develop vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat COVID-19 and will continue to provide updated information as soon as research results become available.