Get Smarter With Brain Foods by A.J James

Get Smarter With Brain Foods And Maximize Your Potential.

Everyone would like to have that little edge in life, the type the separates you from your fellow friends and family members (especially if you're competitive). So you study French, you take some IQ tests and you learn some memory techniques and the results are impressive.

But you want absolutely any advantage you can get..... enter brain foods.

What Are Brain Foods?

Well, just like some foods are going to leave you sluggish and dim witted, some foods can increase your synaptic sharpness and promote increased cerebral activity.

Brain foods by themselves won't do the trick, but when used in combination some effort the results may be synergistic.

Good brain foods provide you with an even energy keel and promote healthy body function and best of all healthy brain function.

How Often Should You Consume Brain Foods?

For ultimate efficacy brain foods need to be a regular part of your diet, you have to look after yourself to get the overall benefits.

Daily consumption of good quality food isn't just important for your health - It is important for your general well being and vitality.

What Are The Best Brain Foods?

So, you want a list of the best brain foods, well here are the top 5


Super rich in brain-protecting antioxidants, this uber super food is an excellent addition to any diet. Cacao nibs can be used in breakfast cereals and cookies or anything baked.


Anthocyanins are the component of this ultra-healthy berry wonder. This particular antioxidant can help stave off free radical damge to the brain. Excellent in taste, color, texture and availability, blueberries are a must have brain food.

Green Tea

Powerful, invigorating and available. Green tea satisfies even he most stringent brain food criteria by providing a veritable plethora of nutritional benefits including of course antioxidation.

Powdered green tea is the most convenient source and the best quality type of green tea you can purchase.


With protein, calcium and vitamins A,D and B group, salmon ticks a lot of boxes. The most important one however is the Omega 3 fatty acid component of salmon. Omega 3 fatty acids can help the body repair, recover and gives the brain the essential fats it needs for elite function. Salmon is a must 1-2 times per week.


Boring old water huh? Well, I'm afraid to say yes, but I will any way. Water is the essence of life and if you don't supply your body with high quality water then you're missing out on the benefits of proper hydration. Inadequate hydration will leave you performing well below your peak, so the need to drink plenty of water with metronomical frequency is fairly obvious but yet so often over looked.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to ensure a well hydrated body.

Brain foods won't do all the work for you but they will assist you in mental performance and cerebral superiority.

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