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So here is the importance of the topic that I have been handed i.e. “NEED OF ASSIMILATING UNIVERSAL IDEAS IN LOCAL FLAVOR”

As it says in the above line and in the examples explained above it is very necessary for an advertiser to understand the requirements, conditions, literacy rate and above

all the nature of the people in a particular area before drawing conclusions of making a ad for that very area and even becomes more important for him to make references to the works done before him.

Further examples for the same will help you understand this topic better.

 It is a Government of India initiative to help farmers in need and so for this reason they have made advertisements that explains a farmer about how to harvest, sow, irrigate, supply etc.

Ads related to Agricultural operations will only be shown in remote areas.

If the ads were to be shown in languages that are not understood they would fall on deaf ears and more than helping it would cause chaos so for all.

So for that reason they are shown in different languages depending on the region of advertisement so that the people there can easily understand the meaning of the ads and can easily follow the instructions given in it.

 McDonalds is considered as one of the huge hits in India because they have promoted their foreign company product in such a way.

And also they have a tadka of Indian flavor in it. Their promotional ads on TV are mainly havin a tadka of Indian flavor in it that is why it has been a huge hit in India

So hence it is considered very important for advertisers to promote the foreign as well as Indian product in such a way that it has an assimailtion of universal idea but with a local flavor involved in it.

It helps in a better to reach the masses to know about the product and give them knowledge about the product.