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“An organization’s human beings are its most reliable resource for generating excellent results year after year. Their judgments, experiences, and capabilities make the difference between success and failure.” - Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan/ Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

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The performance of the system (Human or Team or Organization) improved, If a particular system is aware to oneself.

Yoga – Mediation is a core competence of India. Yoga-Mediation is a technique for overcome dualities, balance the mind and for living the life with totality.

Mediation is a technique (Process) which improve our awareness level as well as effectiveness of Brain (creativity of mind).

I have written this article for focusing main areas of Yoga- meditation.

Focus: http://o3.indiatimes.com/Yoga_love
1. Yoga means integration
2. Patanjali Yoga system
3. Know Thyself
4. All is MIND

And See complete pictures …..and Adopt a better technique according to your mental Intelligence. And See complete picture:

Yoga means integration
Life is full of contradiction and surprises, that it is in fact, full of paradox like success or failure, happiness or distress etc. So always one question arises in the mind, how we can balance our life in paradox (duality in nature). Definitely Yoga-Mediation is a third alternative for overcome such dualities, balance the mind and for living the life with totality. Yoga is a remedy for doubt, confusion and intellectual dissatisfaction. A basic principle of yoga is that practicing mental equilibrium neutralized the effects of delusion.
Link to : http://o3.indiatimes.com/Yoga_love

Yoga-Meditation is a scientific process of neutralization of duality of Mental Speculation and Emotional stimulation from Successes & failure, Strength & Weakness, Discrimination and self sense –mind, Spirits and matter, Soul & Body, Knowledge & ignorance, health and diseases, Changeless and transistorizes, Light & darkness, Divine self & False Ego, Self-control and temptation, Life and death.

"You can accomplish anything you put your mind to" ... provided that you understand how to put your Whole Mind to it. “The World is nothing but Mind. All is Mind”.

“It is the Holistic universe where everything is fundamentally interconnected by a common background”. So In simple Term, Yoga means integration, unification, addition of positive elements in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls for harmonization of our all thoughts, actions and deeds for wellness of humanity.

Cosmic consciousness (Simply – Lord Krishna or any god which you love very much) has described different yoga system for different types of people according to their way of living, nature and their conditional mind. All type of yoga - bhakti yoga (Devotion oriented), karma yoga (action oriented), Raja yoga (Patanjali Yoga system- scientific method of meditation) and janan Yoga (wisdom oriented) reach every body on path of self-realization.

Patanjali Yoga system
Patanjali, the father of Yoga, is famous for his ancient eightfold path of yoga. The idea is to follow a path of positive mind control that leads one to the living understanding of being that is so effective that for the greatest students and masters of yoga - this goal is the ONLY GOAL. Pantajali called it Samadhi. It is also known as Nirvana, Union with the Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, and Ultimate Bliss.

Patanjali Yoga system is a systematically method for attaining Ultimate bliss. Its sequence is Yama (Moral conduct), Niyama (Religious observance), Asana (Right posture to still bodily restlessness), Pranayama (control of Prana, Subtle life control),
Pratayahar (Interiorization), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (Meditation), Samadhi (superconscious experience – Ultimate Bliss).

Know Thyself
The Ultimate aim of yoga to understand true nature of self (consciousness) and integrate with cosmic consciousness for attaining ultimate bliss which is described in this line beautifully. The Four Great Vedic statements: 'That Thou Art,’ ‘I am Brahman’, ‘This self is Brahman’, and ‘Brahman is Consciousness (Mind).'

You are Unthinkable
You can never know What You Are
You can only know That You Are
Every Sage has said, "Know Thyself"

Concentration = Definite : Meditation = Infinite
YOGA = Definite + Infinite = Ultimate Bliss
YOGA = Self Consciousness + Cosmic consciousness = Ultimate Bliss

So Just drinks (experience or feel it) this timeless wisdom from mind with complete devotion & faith in the heart and integrates your consciousness with cosmic consciousness for attaining ultimate bliss. It is a first step for understanding of this cosmic wisdom because Our Journey begins from Zero to Infinite. So at this balance path try to walk few steps with devotion & faith then you automatically can disclose mystery of complete happiness. It is your journey, only you can experience & feel it because true knowledge is just medium (a vehicle) for reaching ultimate destiny (perfect happiness).

All is MIND

Basically Yoga provides a sets of experience based techniques so that we can aware our whole mind (Left Brain-logical, analytical, Fact based , sequential and right brain-synergetic, intuitive, Emotional, synthesizing, holistic) for integration of our thinking pattern and how it work effectively when it is driven by the soul. It brings us towards centre (root) which is infinite powerful, infinite creative and infinite bliss. So let’s go ahead – It is your choice but remember it is a win-win deal for all human being.So please chant these following divine song of cosmic consciousness for better understanding of Yoga-meditation.

“The uncontrolled mind does not guess that the Atman (soul) is present:
How can it mediate?
Without meditation, where is peace
without peace, where is happiness?”

“For one who has conquered the mind, the super soul is already reached, for he has attained tranquility to such a man: success & failure, happiness and distress, honor and dishonor are all the same”.

“Performed your duty equipoise, abandoning all attachment to success or failure. Such equanimity is called Yoga“.

“You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruit of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the result of your activities and never be attached to not doing your duty”.

“Now the Atman (Soul) as the lord and the master of the chariot, which is the body. The intellectual you should know as the charioteer. The mind should be known as (merely) the rein. The one whose mind is not harnessed properly, who’s is devoid of proper knowledge and wisdom, his sense organs go beyond the control of the intellect as vicious horse go beyond the control of charioteer”.

“Those who are beyond the dualities that arise from doubts, whose minds are engaged With in, who are always busy working for the welfare of all living being and who are free from all sins achieve liberation in the supreme“.

“He is perfect yogi who, compare to his ownself, see the true equality of all being, in both their happiness and their distress”.

Yoga (Integration or unification) is a vision of all sciences or arts & religion. Yoga resonance with psychology and quantum mechanics in a very scientific manner and bring us from happiness to Bliss.

So question is not about practicality, it is about feel and experience because thoughts and feeling can not be expressed with experiment or mathematical ______expression.

It is about the soul who integrates body, mind and heart. It is about true taste which you can feel in last continuously.

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Ajay Singh Niranjan

“[God and evil, light and darkness, is a part of creation –the great manifestation power of god. Remember, you won’t be frightened by the shadow or touched by Satan if you keep your attention on the light]”. - Swami Yoganand