Emerging Networks in Telecommunication


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This is just a cut copy paste... ! It seems so... maybe it is...so it will help you just for information wht you need and it is only theoritical so sagar you shoukd have made it sumhow interesting humm


Kartik Raichura
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I read the file and it is a good one.

I suggest people interested in telecommunications read this one :)


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and yeah hope you agree to it kartik...! there are many other telecom informative files in the SSM sector thread and this could be clubbed with that for making a project much much information related...!


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Thx MBA.rulzdworld for your valuable advice...

This file was in some folder of Mine which i found after 3 years.

You need a word file. I can give u a rapidshare LINk. Due to Size Constraints i uploaded a PDF file..

If you have eyes to see, then please see the size of the PDF. The Original word file is roughly 18 to 20mb (Heavy Images) so i generated a PDF and Uploaded it.

We members at MP are here to help & Share whatever we have.

I am uploading my complete flash presentation which was done in the First year.. It is a must watch !!!!...

Download Link... http://rapidshare.com/files/16999512/flashpresent.zip.html



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hey sagar_is... if u have eyes then u must watch that the flash presentation also will be a heavy file... so u cant compare it with a word file... ok thanks for the rapidshare link as it will help the ones who needs it.!

and we are here at MP to help ppl with required data and not to argue with things...

Grow up ok!

Its a management paradise


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thanx bhai without u i can never get help...As I am coming frm sanskrut bakground I hv completed my phd in sanskrit from LKO university...
I ws trying hard to get my project done bt there u coe as saver...thnx:SugarwareZ-191:
My FYBMS project Emerging Networks in Telecommunications


Hey sagar, thanks for sharing and uploading such a nice presentation on telecommunication networks. Well, i also got some important information and would like to share it with you so that more and more people can take relevant content from this thread. So i am uploading my document.


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