Do we get time for our favourite hobby??


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everyone has some kinda of hobbies and they are most interested in that.

:SugarwareZ-196: However in our busy schedules do we get time for it.??

I wanted to join Guitar/Dance/Music classes, but I m so busy in my job & with family....... I doesn't get much time for music... :doh:

I only can surf net n listen music... lolz :SugarwareZ-297:


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For our Favorite Hobby we have to make schedule our time table and follow it , and yes we can have a time if we really want.
With our busy schedules, it can be very difficult to pay much attention even to our loved ones. Here are some guidelines on how to properly adjust both to your personal life, and everyone around you.
1.Plan ahead. People usually have a nasty habit of thinking they are ready; They plan in advance, but when it comes to action, there is always something left to do before heading out the door. The mistake one makes is to NOT expect the unexpected.
2. Create a To-Do List. Always keep a notebook handy and organize your schedule. Try to set a time and date to work out at the gym, visit a friend, and/or spend time with your loved ones. Even after a long day at work, plan to rest for an hour, feel free to go to the gym afterwards, and so on. Remember, stick to a certain time and date.
3.Stop and relax. When someone has so many things to accomplish, pressure will only lead to stress. Once you are into this dreary state, getting out of it might take days, weeks, or even months - depending on your level of motivation. Organize your thoughts in order to better organize that tight schedule.
4.Remove temptations, especially when you have responsibilities. Do not start watching a thirty-minute show on TV when you know you have to get out of your house in 20 minutes. Before you know it, you will be glued to the non-stop action/drama delivered to your eyes and ears. Checking e-mails and/or other activities are also time wasters. Because these things are "quick" in the mind of most people, one never realizes that ten minutes could be easily taken from you just reading and composing a letter.
5.Last, but not least, plan accordingly. How long does it take you to shower, decide what to wear, and comb your hair? These are also some questions to ask yourself in order to fix up that overwhelming schedule. Determine and gather all this information in order to achieve a timely arrival to your destination!


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We get so busy in our day to day lifes that we even dont get time for our loved ones. But we still take out. The case is same for our favourite hobby.

"All day work and no play makes the Jack dull"

We should take out our time for our favourite hobby. It refreshes our mind