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Hello! My name is Bebe and I am an MBA candidate at UCLA Anderson. This summer, I am interning with Nike on the Supply Chain Innovation team. I am developing the long-term strategy for North America’s reverse logistics process. I originally targeted Nike because I was eager to further my career within sports and fitness. While Nike is at the forefront of the industry, what really drew me to the company is its mission and purpose. Nike’s goals of inspiring and empowering others, redefining sport, leveling the playing field, and helping to build a healthier planet all truly speak to me.

I have enjoyed gaining in-depth knowledge of the company’s complex supply chain network, especially as it relates to the current consumer direct acceleration (CDA) strategy. With direct to consumer and digital volume increasing, it is important for Nike’s supply chain to evolve to support these changes in the marketplace. Each week, there are dedicated intern events, such as Sustainability 101, mindfulness sessions, and coffee chats with VP’s. I’ve enjoyed networking with various individuals throughout the company and gaining insight into their different teams and functions.

I recently took a trip to Portland in order to visit the Nike HQ and meet other interns. We hiked, went to breweries, and explored the city! As the midpoint of the summer is approaching, I am now really honing in on my project, which is a presentation the final week of the internship.

Overall: it’s going well, I’m learning A LOT, and the time is definitely flying!

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Student Blogger: Bebe Silberzweig '22

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