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A bomber is out on the job, making bombs has two fuses (pieces of string) of varying thickness which each burn for 30 seconds. unfortunately he wants this bomb to go off in 45 seconds. he can’t cut the one fuse in half because the fuses are different thicknesses and he can’t be sure how long it will burn. how can he arrange the fuses to make his bomb go off at the right time?


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Let one fuse burn completely..there goes our first 30 seconds and light the other fuse from both ends which will make the second fuse burn out in 15 seconds..30+15=45 seconds :)
A magic rectangular belt always shrinks its length to 1/2 and width to 1/3 whenever its owner wishes something.

After three such wishes, its surface was 4 cm2.

What was the original length, if the original width was 9 cm?