BMS notes for mp : all semesters


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Thank you very much for these notes, and especially for business law notes.
I think all the notes are designed as per BMS syllabus only. MBA syllabus is vast than this syllabus. Is there any website available for MBA notes.
The only reason for my this question is that the syllabus combination in MBA is different. For instance, there are 3 seperate subjects in BMS for entrepreneurship, small scale industries and economics. But in MBA the Management Process Skills (MPS) is the subject where there is all the syllabus in these 3 subjects is being included. The question is subject to easy availability of notes only.

thanks for posting these notes.



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I have downloaded all the files. But these are not opening on my cmputer. Which version of acrobat have you used for forming the files..?
Please let me know.